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A child and more on Children's Day and everyday

She is someday a child, someday only a baby, someday a little human being, someday a little girl, someday a big girl!

She moulds herself and her desire to be any of the above depending on the situation, what is it she is talking about and what is it she is deciding about.

She is only a baby when she wants Mamma to feed her and a big girl when she wants to play Papa's free fire game on the tab! She is a little girl who loves her movie and her tub of caramel popcorn.

She is a child who knows how to make each day her own. She has taught us to find the child in us and the last four odd years we have found ourselves reaching out to childhood memories to tell her stories at dinner time, bed time and just about any time of the day!

Childhood is precious and we are living every moment of it, redefined through Ira and her Iraisms.

Today, Papa and Ira went for a movie while Mamma is travelling on work. Mamma was super happy and has to admit, missed being there with these two Rockstars bigt…

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