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Look at their world through their eyes, when mommyhood feels hard

Look at their world through their eyes!

The last two days has been a roller coaster ride in some ways. Our little girl has been sprightly and supremely assertive , wanting to do her own thing. She wants to eat her way, meal times have been long. No is the most common answer. If she wants something and we refuse, she gets very upset.

She is developing her personality and finding her way in this world where adults can be very confusing. I say this because at times we forget to look at their world through their eyes and we look at it through our eyes. We often miss the finer details of why they are upset, why they are adamant, why they want something their way. We forget that little human beings are finding their ways and their little feet will take strides and figure out how to overcome the hurdles on their way.

This note is a reminder to self, a reminder to a mamma who is having an exceptionally hard few days controlling her temper. Am usually very even tempered and have tons of patie…

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