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My Big Bindi and Me, a love story

This post is all about loving myself and my big Bindi. As a student, we had an awesome English teacher who wore this big maroon Bindi and carried it off with so much elan. At college, my favorite History professor and one of my Sociology professor also wore big bindis. While I have always loved them, it is only in the last few years that I ventured into wearing them. I always wondered if they would make my already big face seem bigger. Then I told myself, life is too short to worry about big faces . The final inspiration has to be a dear friend who not just wears big bindis but also wears the most colourful big bindis. So, here I am loving my big bindis. Some tell me they make me look very Bong. But I thought my smile and cheeks already did that! Anyways, if you love something do it,wear it, experience it. Life is too small to miss such big moments. #LovingMyself #BigBindiSyndrome #LoveBigBindi #ExistentialExperiences #Happiness

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