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Ira at Chitra Santhe 2019, her first

January 6th, 2019 will be another milestone for us. We took Ira to Chitra Santhe 2019. For years, P and I along with some friends have blocked our calendars for this annual event. It is beautiful to see various forms of art in diverse mediums and the different things that inspire people. There are some themes that seem common every year- Buddha, Ravi Varma inspired portraits of women, Sadhus. As we stroll down the Kumara Krupa Road and bump into other friends who are art enthusiasts or who just live colour or who are there to meet other friends or who come to every event at CKP. It really doesn't matter. There are some who come to religiously buy the postcards, calendars and book marks often created by the Fine Art students, the themes new every year.

This year as we braced ourselves for the long walk, considering parking was prohibited post Nehru circle; we wondered how would Ira take it. She just began walking and insisted on walking by herself. Papa set some ground rules telli…

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