Monday, March 28, 2011

What type am I

Typealyzer dissects my writing and tells this about me...:) agree with some of it, except the last line! where did that come from? or are there latent talents to be discovered?:)

ISTP - The Mechanics

The independent and problem-solving type. They are especially attuned to the demands of the moment and are highly skilled at seeing and fixing what needs to be fixed. They generally prefer to think things out for themselves and often avoid inter-personal conflicts.

The Mechanics enjoy working together with other independent and highly skilled people and often like seek fun and action both in their work and personal life. They enjoy adventure and risk such as in driving race cars or working as policemen and firefighters.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Marriage is fun*.

*Conditions apply!

In Sociology classes, I remember studying about the institution of marriage, the various marriage laws and acts and the meaning of the rituals. It is ten years since then and the way marriage is explained, experienced and exalted is no more the same. It is a status aspect (single/married), a parameter of financial standing and social life. It is giving fodder to a whole new wedding planner industry and making big fat weddings with band bajaa, the norm of the day. While legal debates on the importance of marriage continue; society is changing its outlook. A live-in relation is becoming an acceptable practice and marriage is often seen as being overrated. Not being married at 30 is absolutely fine and men are looking at the option of surrogacy to have kids, while women are happy with the evolving scheme of frozen eggs and sperm banks.

Despite social and cultural changes that this institution has seen, it is remarkable how newspapers and magazines find strange meaning in having agony aunt columns dole out courtship and marriage advices. Be it about how to spice up your life; entice your husband all over again; keeping the sex good and mind you, even predicting whether the spouse is having an affair. They have answers for everything; the closet secrets, the perfect kinky drama and the lacy lingerie…not to forget the aroma candles and the light music. They give you scales and they give you scores; they make marriage a rating dependent existence. Do we really need it? Are we fighting the perils of being an overachieving society… we not only want to be the super partners but expect our spouses to be uber-spouses…a perfect 10. We want the marriage to be perfect! What an oxymoron…because someone tell me how do I define perfection.

A recent article said that weight gain, snoring, low ‘together’ time, lack of sexual drive are some of the prominent reasons why the itch that should have come in seven years is a glitch we face in three. My husband brought that article to my notice and thanks to that gallant act; we have had many a humorous conversations. Notwithstanding the fact that I find these articles supremely irritating, I wonder what results would these surveys show in India, considering most of them are based on US or UK sample. After all, our focus on marriage and family has always been more grounded than in many other societies.

Marriage is fun as long as we do not take it too seriously and create a wall of self imposed rules and expectations. Let us not fret and the glitch will stay away. Too much stress and who knows, next they will begin talking about the ten month scratch…ouch!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

They make me feel special on days, odd and even

The day for Women is today...

celebrations, moments of accolade;

tales of courage narrated,

ideal women awards given,

the perfect idol is enumerated,

every little success of hers is celebrated,

all setbacks are spoken of as stepping stones.

The celebrity lot talk of the underprivledged,

violence becomes a topic of concern.

Women guest editors, woman columnists,

they all have an extra say.

For today officially is our day.

But i feel this is an overhaul

The lines too sweet,

a forced celebration for some.

I have a humble thing to say

let us feel special about ourselves,

not just today, but everyday.

I take this moment, to tell the tale

of the three wonderful men

who make me feel special on days, odd and even!


He has been my idol ever since I remember,

I wanted to be everything he is...

his temperament, his commitment

his ideals, his principles...

have all marked my path...

he let me be me...

from being called junior Das to now

has been a journey so 'wow'..

I owe it to him,

for letting me live my every dream.


He is the one

who made sure i had a lot of fun...

always listens to me, yes he does

we fight, we crib, we love to make fuss...

but brother to friend is the transition he took;

beside me, i find him,whenever I look.

To me, he shall remain..

my little brother for ever...

love his possessiveness,

to him, I can never say never...


He is my 'anti-me'..

over chai and chat, discovered the 'we',

he spoils me with all might,

makes every worry i carry seem so light.

He lives with my 'to do lists' and my 'remember that?' tales

Loves me with my kirriks,

Renders some amazing culinary tricks:)

He listens, never judges...

lets me take my own flight...

He is the silent wind beneath my wings.

The 'Us' and the 'Me'

We found the 'Us' while we searched for the 'me', We love the 'Us', and continue to empower the 'me'...