Monday, October 31, 2016

A Perfect Sunday the Ira way

We are all early risers including our 29 month old toddler! For us a perfect Sunday more often than not includes a visit to the Cubbon Park, where at times we catch up with friends.

We love the fact that Ira loves nature and animals.  Whether it is searching for a centipede with a stick, patting the dogs, sitting and watching the parakeets with Papa or playing hide and seek around the banyan tree. Even while taking a break on a bench  and munching an apple,  she continues to narrate all that she did with all the toddler excitement. A perfect Sunday with perfect memories!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Delhi Diaries- a visit to heaven, a lesson in history and a heartfelt dhanyawaad.

My last visit to Delhi was 15 years ago and a very very short one,  less than a day,  which was spent with friends.

The 60 hours in Delhi this weekend has actually been about seeing the famous places in this beautiful city and eating the famous things.  I,  of course was there for work.  I was attending an expo at Pragati maidan and ensured I didn't miss the Delhi bhel or the Chole kulche. The kulche reminded me of khaboos somehow. Eating from a stall is surely fun,  as trickles of sweat make their trail on your face.

I visited India gate early in the day,  and there was so much crowd.  Families with kids,  couples,  large group of friends and lot of tourists. Everyone seemed more busy  taking a selfie rather than seeing the place.  There were those young photographers who walked around with fancy dslr and an album to show you how they will click fancy pictures of you.  I was travelling solo and got asked by few of them if I would avail the service.  I said no because,  well,  I would also resort to taking a selfie! The place fills you with a sense of pride and the magnanimous structure has such a humbling effect.  There were hawkers selling toys,  chai,  snacks and more.  At 11 in the morning, I decided it was time to try the Delhi golgappas. They put cubes of alu with chat masala instead of mashing it.  I proudly conclude that phuchkas are any day better than golgappas or pain puris. There is something about the mashed alu that is magical. Post work I had decided to also visit Humayuns tomb. Am glad I did so because it brought back memories of my history classes.  My best friend became my Redmi 2 and it did a fair job of taking good pics of the tomb. 

Being in Delhi,  I did the most obvious trips.  One to Sarojini Nagar market and the other to Delhi haat. Sarojini Nagar market reminded me of the hawkers at Gariahat in Kolkata. Felt like a college girl taking immense pleasure in bargaining,  buying chut put stuff and also falling prey to the line,  "Madam,  boni nahin hui (haven't sold first fare of the day)". You walk and walk till your legs feel like dead... almost dead. The loot here has to be all the colourful earrings. I went to Delhi haat where a women's craft mela was happening and this instantly reminded me of Dastkar.  Lot of similar artisans and their work. The significant other rarely asks for anything to buy.  This time there was a request for the Panipat pachranga pickle and I did finally find it.  While shopping was fun,  seeing Ira flaunt the Sarojini Nagar market goggles was priceless!

I love food and while I  travel,  I like to try local food.  Was told that I must try the Paranthas and so,  a holy visit to Moolchand Parantha was made and mind you,  I was in heaven and I sinned happily.  The aloo pyaaz parantha was to die for and the meal was complete with the sweet matka lassi that had an inch of cream on top.  The melting butter,  the Green chutney and the green chilli pickle just added to the sinful experience. I also tried the famous sweet potato with nimbu and chat masala. Yummyness!

The city has a vibe about it that is intriguing.  The old parts of the city,  the institutions,  the crowd and the rush.  I also had very helpful taxi bhaiyas.  One Tiwari Ji took the pain to tell me a bit about all the roads we travelled through.  He told me about the colleges,  high Court,  hospitals,  malls,  how some colony roads are not meant for aam junta, how the political regimes have changed the face of Delhi .. Just about everything.  He was from Bihar and had made Delhi his home.  A storyteller, who also worked on a Sunday because his boss asked him to. When I thanked him end of day,  he said,  "aapko bhi dhanyawaad".

Friday, October 14, 2016

Happy holidays the Ira way!

Ira is finishing her first Dussehra vacation in a few days. And this vacation was about doing new things,  meeting people and discovering jalebi.

We took her to her favourite Park, also to the mall play area which is now a familiar terrain. We also went to some new parks and she had her first mini train ride and one of those adventure fun- rides that goes high up in the air and come down and goes round and round! Considering I have no clue what it's called,  I will let it be. Ira when high up in the air tells me,  "mamma,  can't see papa! I see sky". The racing heart, the excited screams and the grin said it all.

We also went to the puja pandal and she happily played with a new balloon each day, posed in her new clothes, blew bubbles and ate jalebi for the first time ever.  The puja was about meeting a lot of friends.  She met ashu and gugul and stuti didi. She of course decided to carry Chandra mashi handbag to school and trotted with it.  A phase when she loves all the attention she is getting and all the people around her.

 We visited a friend who kept the dussehra dolls and the highlight of this visit has to be ira conversing with the new dadu (the friend's dad) who made things out of paper that absolutely delighted her.

 The vacation still has a few days to go.  Mamma is travelling and Papa and Ira have some plans in place.  And oh ya,  we yet to start on her worksheets for the holiday,  vacation project that she has to submit!

But for now,  it's chatter about all the people she met,  the balloons that are now used skillfully for balloon fights,  eating milkmaid from the can for the first  time and which Park is she visiting next. Toddler hood is a no- blink,  no-stop,  no-silent phase and we are living it vicariously through all the activities of our little toddler.

Happy holidays for sure! But can't wait for school to begin. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mustafa bhai aur biryani!

Landed in a new city,
Awed by its sprawling roads.
Commuted through choc-a-block traffic,
Met people of all shades and hue.
Busy work filled days and evenings to explore.
Rains play spoilsport,
Yet can't dampen my spirits.
Walked through the streets of Charminar,
The bangles, jootis and the lights are a charm.
Had the famous biryani from Shah Ghouse
and experienced the fine dine moment at Ohri's.

One thing will be etched in memory forever.
That one taxi ride and the conversation,
With Mr. Mustafa, the Cab driver in question.
Shares with us his story, his work in Dubai
And the choice to come back 'home'.
Stressed how family comes first,
We can yearn for other luxuries and such.
Spoke about the roads,  the politics and the hyderabadi biryani.
The impeccable English,
The gentlemanly behavior,
The humane thinking.
A journey well taken, lessons learnt.

Hyderabad in those four days was perfectly this,
"Mustafa bhai aur biryani! ".

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The 'Us' and the 'Me'

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