Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Insti in the Rains...

The leaves rustle in harmony
The paucity of noise is music
The overcast skies take a bow
The millipedes find their home
The footprints on wet mud
The stones a mushy brown
The rains bring in a fable
The heart dances poetically
The fibre of my being smiles
The me finds solace unfound!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Friends give meaning to your dreams,
they are the wind beneath your wings,
they are there for the bad and the good,
they are the perfect example of a package deal,
they make nightouts adventurous,
they make gossip sound angelic,
they love your every poem
and like your every pic,
they tell you when you are wrong,
and pat you in moments right;
they are the reason you are you!

The 'Us' and the 'Me'

We found the 'Us' while we searched for the 'me', We love the 'Us', and continue to empower the 'me'...