It is here to stay…

It is sugar coated and yet not diabetic! It is tempered with the right pinch of salt and squeeze of lemon! The spice is also there to entice. It is flavoured and aromatic and highly appetising! It enthrals you and makes you happy that you too experience it; if you have not…it tells you what you are missing! It tells you, longing for someone has never been sweeter, not bound by any convention or barrier. It is pure and ethereal, yet about ‘you want to do it here?!” It is not about music shows or museum rows…it is still about long pretty walks hand in hand, it is about wanting to see the ‘stamina’ and the power of a pillar to fulfil your deep wish. It is about the nick names that personify your existence for each other, who cares that it is ‘ghas phus’ and ‘tangri kabab’! It is about serenading and it entails style. It is not everyone’s cup of coffee, yet you want to believe you too can do it!

I could write a menu serving on it! And who is it that I am talking about…?
This is not a movie review!! Am a self confessed movie buff but I leave the critique-ing to the more knowledgeable.

But I encore the core essence of the movie in question…

I am talking of ‘Romance’, the dream that we all love to dream; the hope that we all love to hope; the existence we all love to live!

There will never be adios to Romance…it is here to stay!!


That is a novel way of describing it! Good one!
As sweet as sweet could make
As spicy as spices could do
Revv it all up for
Faead said…
hmmm... ya, ever ridden a bullet on a moonless night, its truly romantic ;D
Anonymous said…
Oye Moonless Night with Bullet, Kabhi Cycle pe kadkti dhoop me 30 Kilometer chala hai..bahut romantic hota hai!!!!!
Madhurima said…
Hmmm...will give the moon the attention in the next ride:)

romanchak baat hain...har ek ka apna khwab hain
Anonymous said…
ati uttam.....agli baar main bhi apne kheaabon ko Discovery Shuttle par bhej doonga...taki jab fir se Sunita Williams jaye to Mangal Grah ka safar ho jaye....
Swaroop Sagi said…
My favourite post of this month...i tend to think and visualize when i hear voices arisin out of the forest during dawn...holdin hands with each other...well..!!!

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