Wonder what Freud would have had to say...The Yearning!:)

What we are is a product of our childhood, unconscious forces make us what we are...our ambitions have their root in our early desires...what we do now may be something we have always wanted to do...
Wonder what Freud would have had to say about me writing for Voices...is it that iam living my adolescent dream of being a journalist...
I don't have an answer and a friend of mine has taught me that it is fine to not have all the answers...

The Yearning!...as the pages turn...(9th Std)

Each time I pass the Asian College of Journalism
and I see the buildings on the right,
and think of the stories written with great enthusiasm.
Of the reality portrayed in great pain;
The battles fought uselessly, so beautifully revealed.
Of every drop of sweat that falls from his forehead.
With every line he writes,
with every truth he declares;
I am no longer myself.
I want to break free from these bonds that surround me,
in these little things that confine me and
I want to be a part of the world he is in-
Every fibre of my being yearns to surpass him.
To reveal the truth in a way no one has done before,
To write the lines no one had dared to-
I look at him
Absorbed in his own work and he fills me with purpose,
And I tread on to the path I know is mine.


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