Am back!!

It has been a long long time...n what is ironic is ...i come back to write when i want a respite in my own world, when i want to make some corner of this world my own, when i want to feel fine about the way i am...
Been a month and half since i even looked at my blog...and lots have happened between then and now!
COSMAR...the 6 letter word that dominated my life the last couple of weeks....learnt that it takes more than confidence and talent to organise a conference of this magnitude, learnt news chapters in diplomacy, realised once again that honesty pays, struck greater emotional bonds with some friends...and never before had a thank u speech made me feel so good as delivering the VOT at the completion of COSMAR....the high stayed on...but time n life moved on...
In between all that, took some MDP sessions and enjoyed my love for teaching!
I turned 27...yeah!as old as my DOB....the chronological age had no repurcussions except bountiful blessings that i should get married bfor the digit goes 28...after all everythg has the right time...
Wish we really knew when is the right time for what in life!!!
The next few days are very important for merits another post but let the right time come!!


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