Editorial December 2007

It is always easy to take that first step…it is challenging to keep
working at it and take long strides; it is not the miles you cover but
the muscles you sore, it is not the thoughts you sow but the actions
you take!
Voices going online received immense feedback; we with
enthusiasm kept counting the hits, notwithstanding that many
were ours too! Firstly, Thank You for wholeheartedly accepting the
online version, for your suggestions that will help us innovate, for
your ideas that keep inspiring us.
The last two months saw temperatures dip to the lowest ever, saw
its after-effects abound; saw students go through all the exam stress
and credit completion. One concern on all minds was to beat the
cold and the stress. Our issue focuses on health related aspects. It
begins with an interview based write up, Health and Research,
focusing on the importance of attaining a sound body and a sound
mind, the dos and don’ts. It takes a peek at the facilities available
for contract workers and guides us towards the path of eye
donation. We also look at what the hostel authorities have to say
about the Hostel and the mess! An innate urge to question is what
ushers in changes in our society; it is not a bid to play a blame game,
rather a conscious effort to understand if what is happening is the
need of the hour and what is the price we are paying. Raising many
a question to an issue closer home is the article that looks at the
‘constructional’ development on campus! Giving you respite is a
tale of betrayal, one of the many instances of romance that brewed
over a beverage and discovered the beans! We have another new
blog featured and health again at the Gymkhana corner! For all
those who love the way words spell, we have a crossword! Crack it
and find your name in our next issue. Mail in your entries at the
earliest to, voices.iisc@gmail.com. Do you come on your own,
when you write, sing, dance, drive, climb mountains…do you pride
yourself on an achievement that is close to your heart? Then
Wishing you warmer days and many more reading and writing
Happy New Year!!


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