Voices Speech

Speeches have always been my forte; guess i attribute it to the fact that i love talking...One of my first speeches at IISc...to the Freshers telling them about Voices! Not sure how many listened...not sure how many remembered...but Voices made some noise for sure!! We have some exciting times ahead and just cant wait to write about them...

Write till the ink dries...

Greetings from the Team of Voices , the IISc Newsletter.

A humble beginning, an ambitious thought, toiling minds wielding the mighty pen. Year 2002 – a few students came together to begin the story of Voices, to write the happenings on campus from the view point of students, to investigate the truth; every fibre of their being yearned to tell a tale! And yet you don’t have to be writers or poets, just someone who has an eye for observation and the courage to speak. Bcos at Voices, we do not mince words.

6 years down the line, the number of team members has changed; the fluctuation has done little to dampen our spirits; infact it has motivated us to work harder and continually realise our mission and vision! Old members leave, new members come in…the spirit stays on!

Year 2007, Voices, a bimonthly periodical favoring the even month, which till now circulated 1500 copies per issue in print went Online! History was created, we counted the hits and believe me, the counting is still on! Check www.iisc.ernet.in/voices for the archive issues.

Voices currently meets once a week on Tuesdays at 5pm. Venue: T board. The regularity of the meetings is to ensure that we never slack our pace. Every member in the team has a say in the articles that go in and we can proudly claim that each of us bring our own little flavour and madness and sensibility to Voices in all earnestness and commitment.

We write to make a difference…to make an impact! The Balawadi centre on campus is a resultant of the Voices impact. We also have opinion polls, we had a first of its kind Benchmarking IISc Services Poll that heralded a new movement on campus. You choose and you rank the best services on campus. This is going to be an annual feature.

We also for the first time ever had an Election special issue in the interest of the student community before the Students Council Elections 2008!

We are bringing our Regular issue this month end and also a Centenary special issue soon! So watch out! Regular issue available at all messes and t board, gymkhana & juice centre. We also distribute them to all the departments on campus.

You can be a member of another interest group and still be a part of Voices! We believe that being multifaceted , you will bring in more character and strength to the team. So, come be a part of US, Voices awaits your song.

Like John F Kennedy says, “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Eagerly awaiting for our mail box to get flooded.

Thank you!


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