Perfect Conversations

"Oh!! I want orange rust, not brick red"
"Naah!! that is maida rusk, not the sooji one"
"I like the 0.7 faber castle, 0.5 does not work for me"
"The fonts have to look neat and formal you know"
"Uff!! you did not draw the margin on the paper"
"The essay should be only 1500 words, not a syllable more"
"People! punctuality is highly appreciated"
"Okie! the T Shirts should be white, offwhite/ cream/ beige is not white"
"Listen! it has to be the chocolate mousse from Java City"
"Did you say Chungs? nope! that is Chung Wah."
"It is not all the same"
"Ladies! walk like one, small steps , no running on the stage"
"Gentlemen! use your voices loud and clear"
"Am telling you naa this character in the play has to wear a watch"
"This article should not have a personal perspective"
" Are we towing the line?"
"Do not scribble in the record Sir"
"Always make a draft of the report"
"Only pink pen for highlighting the important points"
"Only honest thoughts in the blog"
"Only being me"
"Do you have OCD?"
"(Smiling) You did not know, I am Anakastic"
"Perfection I thought was good!"
"Ask the little girl who had perfect places for all her perfect things and who still likes perfect dreams"
"Let me mention, Perfection is relative"
"And that is why to me , all these lines make perfect sense"
"Perfection anyone?"


Mukta said…
wow! some of these i can actually figure out the reference point for! but great that u notice em and then put em together like this!
maneesh said…
Too much coffee on an empty stomach does this to me at times...
Madhurima said…
@Mukta:Hmmm...i just cant help but remember lot of things, especially when my weirdness reflects in it:)
@Maneesh:Ur thought trails...what do i make of it?Coffee, mousse, icecream- cant blame any of them...wonder if there is a genetic code for this...:D
Divya said…
This comment is highly out of context but are making me hungry!!!!!!!
Avi said…
brilliant, can figure out quite a bit ;)

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