I walked on the pebble bay...

I walk on the pebble bay...
I see the sun shine by...
The sprinkler of rain...
and the pebbles go shy...

I see my reflection
and wonder where am going?
Have i ever stopped to ponder...
or this is another mindless stroll...

I stumble upon little opportunities
and pick the speck to be a part of it
the sand of time flows from my fist
the memories are all in gist...

what have i done?
where do i go?
how much to do?
when to be?

whose life is it anyway?

Some answers are best left unknown
some questions best left unasked
in all that questioning and answering
we lose the moment that's now-
and we do not even know how.

I walked on the pebble bay
saw my sunshine dreams
my faith sprinkled
and life revisited!

A little conversation and long silences with a dear friend and this is what it got me thinking. Thanks Mals!!


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