...the curry of life!

I love the tinkle of the spoon and fork,
I love the ladle doing its ballet in the 'kadai'
I love the 'tadka' and its misty world,
I love the wait for the dal to boil,
I love the chopping of vegetables,
I love deciding the garnishing,
I love the splitting mustard and the bursting cumin,
I love the curry leaves and the coriander fragrant,
I love the 'chutni pudi' and the peanut butter,
I love the omelette and the half made toast,
I love the popcorn and the lemon chai,
I love to plan the course in advance,
I love to do those vegetable bargainings,
I love to buy those tinie-minie kitchen things,
I love this little world called the 'kitchen',
I love these house-wifey moments:)
I love to create the curry of life...


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