Acknowledgment- 16th Dec 2008

Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, do it!”. However,
the truth remains that it is the unflinching support of
some people that helps you realize your dreams and
reach your benchmarked goal. It could be some words
of wisdom, some positive strokes or just some moments
of patient listening!
One fine evening, Voices had dreamt many big things- A
Centenary Special Magazine and Daily News Bulletins for
the conference! The dream came true and how! We at
Voices take this opportunity to thank all of them who
made this possible.
We firstly thank Prof. P.Balaram, Director for his
immense support and encouragement to let Voices
have its say; and for contributing the foreword and
the article. We thank Prof. N. Balakrishnan , Associate
Director for all his words of advice and direction. We
thank Prof. G.K.Ananthasuresh for being the sounding
board to our first set of ideas. We thank Prof. Lawrence
Jenkins and the Centenary Publications Committee for
The Team
goading us to give our best to this venture. We thank
Prof. K.R.Yogendra Simha, Chairman, Department of
Management Studies for giving Voices a nest to build
its dreams- 203 was our control room and actually our
second home during the conference. Our heartfelt
gratitude to the Archives and Publications Cell, for
sharing with us the hidden treasures of the Institute. We
thank Sudha at the Centenary office for always having
an answer to all our questions and helping us with all
the paperwork.
We profusely thank Prof. Y. Narahari and Prof.V. Nagaraja
for giving us wings to fly, bearing with our trivial
clarifications and decibel raising demands. This would
not be possible if not for the fact that they shared our
enthusiasm and our sincerity.
We also thank the Volunteers who helped us with all
Voices related work. Finally we thank all our readers
for being the reason why “We raise our Voice and let
ourselves be heard!”
Our heartfelt gratitude to many unnamed friends and
well-wishers for being that little spark which guaranteed
a glowing flame!


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