Editorial July 2009

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you
something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The above statement underlines most happenings in the world.
Recently being the question on 'sibalism
of education', debate on
the 'right to your sexuality', the death of 'king of pop' bringing out
more questions about how he led his life, rather than just letting him
RIP; another budget for the country that had some questioning 'why
should senior citizens get more benefit?' and closer home 'entry to
hostels of opposite gender'. To wake up to a rational thought every
morning may be rare, but to wake up to irrational actions is a
common sight.
Voices in its little abode is working hard to keep up the pace of one
issue a month! A diligent set of Voiceians
have graduated and
some completed their compres successfully. Yet again, it was a
small group at work to bring out the following pages.
Having received appreciation for the newsy pages last issue, we
continue to focus on the news sections both from the Student's
Council and the Institute. Articles raise questions on security,
provoke a thought to keep the campus clean; personal instances of
hostel experience with the ape, and an alumnus writing how people
keep asking her about India. Some regular features and Green gang
being the toast of the month in Real page 3. A cover story on the
Student's Council to help all of us believe that every individual can
make a difference.
We congratulate all the passing out graduates and wish them luck
for their future endeavors. As the campus gets ready for a new batch
of students, we at Voices are also awaiting some new blood to infuse
more new thoughts, more quirkiness, more individuality and more
Happy reading!


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