It's yours just this once

Laugh the loudest in the room
Scream with joy when you meet the deadline
Dance in the rain
Sing even when the notes do not match
Say "I love you" to your beloved everyday

Speak the truth
Look in the eye
Be yourself
Fight the demons
Conquer the fears

Let the chocolate melt
Play Hop scotch
Make faces
Scribble, draw, paint
Color your canvas

Cry at the movies
Fight for the popcorn
Twirl on your toes
Imagine the wild
Be the naughtiest

Be the drama queen
Let the confidence ooze
Play with passion
Live the intimacy
Revel in the moment

Let empathy rule
Ignorance is passe
Knowledge catalysts
Surefire success
Let pride not touch you

Write your ramblings
Compose your melody
Don't blink now...
Live your Life
It's yours just this once!


Anonymous said…
super maddi
Tin said…
Life is defined, finally a place where naive amateurs have a set of benchmarks to have a rather full-filling life !!
Kudos girl :D
Madhurima said…
@anonymous: Thank u!
@Tin: aha...if amateurs could pave the way, what a journey it would be:)

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