... Silhouette in Dream- 16th Dec 2008

The sacred and the sensuous,
Was in epitome, virtuous and meticulous.
The anklets created a rhythm of life,
The music soothed the heart in strife.
The danseuse was a silhouette in dream!
Her hands moved in the space around her in a fluid
fashion. Rhythm created by her footsteps that were
firm yet gentle. Expressions on her face conveying the
message of her performance to the discerning observer
of human behaviour.
It was an uncommon medium, a message timeless
and powerful. The simplest of human emotions and
feelings expressed in a form that takes a lifetime of
diligent practice. The contrast itself was not so obvious
to all around. Her subject was all too common, her
performance seemingly within the realm of human
This is the beauty of dance as an art form. The viewer
sees life reflected back and the understanding is so
simple yet profound.
Is life and its experience so common that another can
express it so well? Or is there a common thread that
binds us all, one that she has touched and one that we
are searching for, or even worse blind to?

P.S: The prose, courtesy Abraham, the poetry, courtesy me!


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