Jaya and the Sour Idlis

A sultry noon
a crowded tea board
no respite from the limited choice
yet, look at your plate and say, "bon appetit!"

Unassuming, we sat at our rickety table
with a plate of idlis and a 'katori' full chutney
were we to embark on that palate journey;
A voice from the table beside quipped-
"Are the idlis edible?"
My friend said, "they are a little sour at times"
I murmured, "edible..hmmm...yeah!"
She seemed someone lost in her thought
of heavy weight decisions, she was taking stock.
"Must be new", both of us said in unison!

Giving no more thought,
we found an exiting lot
and ran to conquer the less rickety table.
Sat for the (in)famous lunch-
And my friend decided to shower- sweetness in bunch
took a bite of the hot idli and decision made
"lemme tell her, she may want to be fed"
"The idlis are actually a little sour, but you can see" she said
The fate of the questioning lady forgotten-
time passed, lab beckoned.

Clock struck 4
Tea break then summoned
Gossip was happening over chai
when there comes the lady and says,
"Hi! I am Jaya and U?"
polite us quip our names and smile
and even before we register this in memory file
"The idlis were really sour", Jaya says
ah! conversation and its vibrant ways.

We bid adieu and i still wonder,
About the tale of Jaya and sour idlis.
Tell my friends-
"This deserves a limerick, what say?"
But another fable for your reading makes its way!

Event time: Noon and early evening of 3rd August
Post written: 1.07am, 4th august

P.S: Jaya! if you happen to read this, thank you for the inspiration. The lines may not be verbatim, thanks to memory deficit; but am sure you will generously excuse. I pray that shall there be appetising moments when you get non-sour idlis.


Anonymous said…
hi madhu,along with an iiscian read ur blog today,good,idli is a muse too!may your brainy,brawny girth never have dearth of idlis,some times gibber-athon is a filler,keep going god bless.
Madhurima said…
Hey Jaya! Thank you:)

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