Hide & Seek

life plays hide n seek...

just when you step out in the rays, the raindrops begin to fall
just when u wander behind the breeze, the wind stands still
just when you collect the dew from the leaves, it shakes in vigor
just when you wait for that phone call, the beeps low
just when you want that cheesy burger, mail on obesity arrives
just when you wait for the coveted bus, every auto asks you where to go
just when you wait to read the climax, a friend tells you the sordid end
just when you think your mind is playing a trick, reality strikes hard
just when you relish the salt sweet biscuit, recession hits the packet there
just when you see the nice moments in store, memories fade in oblivion
just when you think you found the answer, questions trigger the faith
just when you look at the horizon, the chasm finds you
just when you tell urself to dream more, sleep engulfs the desire
just when you think it is not that vague, incompleteness stares in your face
just when you think you have forgotten the feel of the keyboard, words take a rigorous sweep
just when you think it is hard to smile, every face around you seems happy

life plays hide and seek...
am still counting the countdown...


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