Let us evangelize our dreams

Let us evangelize our dreams
Take the curve leap
Go beyond the been there and done that
It may be our little crappy story
And we may suck at story telling
Let us product it with reality, let the bozos sleep
And let the whiff of realization pass
This is the moment to entrepreneur our thoughts
Come, stand, speak...take a bow
This is the moment to evangelize our dreams!

P.S: 2 days at NASSCOM Product Conclave, 2009 and two heady sessions by Guy Kawasaki, oodles of inspiration:)


nice to see the josh in the poem...you seem to be greatly inspired by Guy Kawasaki... ready to take the next big step,huh?
Madhurima said…
Hey! for the last few years realised that i definitely want to start something on my own...but more like a NPO:)...lets see!!
Anwar Hussain said…
stumbled on this blog while surfing...interesting work
Madhurima said…
@Anwar: Thank u. Keep reading!

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