WLB indeed!

Working with WLB,
I have many things to observe and see.

A recent b'day of a little boy i know
Found me interacting with all the moms on the go.
The kids chirped, the moms conversed-
Intro sessions to sharing kid woes.
What they did? where they worked?
In conversation, the thought was forked.
Some did 'nothing'; were moms full time.
Some chartered accounts, working part time.
Some had a con-call to attend-
Various careers and dreams latent.
Discussed they did how kids are important.
Career and kids don't go hand in hand, they say.
Let the husband work long hours, the wife needs to care.
This was a simple understanding and uncomplicated fare.
Guilt driven they felt when time was taken for self.
They had packed chores and moments in life's shelf.
But what after they grow up? asked one.
What will we do then with no career, the thought run.

I sat a silent apectator
wondering a little-
No theories can explain this
No models can delineate the intricacies.

What makes moms like this, I wonder.
Before them, they put the world without a ponder!


ah!! this a topic which is so much debated these days and will be debated till somebody comes up with "the solution". while i read about this i always think, to which group i'll land up... only time can tell.
nice pic :) that mom is relly multitasking

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