When an 'auto' person says, "BUS karo!"

Bus travel has always formed a part of life, though always as a second option. My 'ditch' gang at MCC has witnessed several occasions when I would just say, "Are, auto karke chalte hain naa!". I travel mostly by auto...and rarely do the distances or the auto fares deter me. Honestly, it's just a matter of convenience. Being spoilt at school where I had a school van to commute and on days when I had play practice, ma just said,take an auto...:)
When i stepped into MCC, the travel from Rajajinagar to MCC was so adventurous, have stood on the footboard also...and the travel with Lena and Divya and will always be cherished! DC is afterall my best bus friend:) In college, on those degree days, when I didnt travel on Vidyas' scooty, it was auto and seldom bus...The walk to R C College for the buses during PUC are still cherished but more so for the fact that Suchi, Sush, Lekha, Ana and I walked up the distance together- boiled groundnuts, boiled corn or even chats at Gangotree on some occasions.
MSc days were solely University bus travel as jnanabharati was the other end of town. The auto got a chance on 3 days of the two years, when the scheduled bus skipped its' route:). While now at IISc, my significant other takes care of my travel; on days otherwise...i have the auto to depend on. So much so, that even long distance data collection has been successfully completed travelling by auto. My reason, i reduce travel time by 45 odd minutes...and time so matters at times...
I am not advocating auto travel, just stating this is how it has been with me... This is also not my First Travel mode story- though on a different tangent, i once spoke about Ratna .

Now why all this about me and my auto travel habit? Just that of late have realised, the many changes that transportation in Bangalore is going through...newer buses, greater focus on public transport to reduce congestion and pollution! I like the cause and agree with the vision. While I may not be supporting it everyday, doing this once a month is possible- simply put, travelling by bus atleast once on Bus Day. Yesterday was 4th May, the Bus Day ! At the behest of Prashant, I did manage to do my bit for the vision...travel from Cunningham Road to Byatarayanapura by bus:) Am right now motivated to do this every Bus Day... so, I guess a time when even I say, "BUS karo!"


Divya said…
Maddy....I miss I miss I miss I miss going by bus and the Chalukya and then the walk to MCC SOOOOO BAAAAAAAADLY :-(
Anyway, I'm glad I found a lovely bus-best-friend like yourself ;-)
Lovely blog!


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