Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Review of The Breakup by Vijayendra Haryal

Love, explored and interpreted through 21 short stories and 7 poems.

The title with a negative connotation unveils a world filled with
optimism. Love is seen as a symbolism, a matter of chance, and even
destiny unfolding. While the pathos is a common factor in many
stories, with its leading protagonist going through a phase of pain,
the stories do give us hope. Hope that love enriches life, it has a
practical essence, loving life is reciprocal and rationality is beyond
just the four letters. Some of the stories also touch upon societal
concerns where people forget to count their blessings;forget how each
individual with their love can enrich another life; how love is beyond
situations, defined relations and boundaries. Some of the stories that
I personally liked has to be The Break up, highlighting the essence of
'accept me as Iam'; the story about faith seen through the eyes of a
visually challenged person; how we can choose to remember someone,
even through a simple 'roast chicken' ritual. The author has chosen to
close the short stories with a story that explores the expression of
love through a parent, through faith and through a re-discovered

The collection of short poems again looks at various phases of a love
story and closest with the best one, that sketches a canvas of love
filled with dreams.

As a reader, I do wish that most of the protagonists did not resort to
alcohol in despair, seemed a tad bit cliche. While the stories had a
nice flow and the writing is simple and lucid; it is essential that
the writings do not appear way too simple. For a first attempt, it is
commendable. While the author has drawn inspiration from real
incidents, I really hope he did not have to see so much of pain that
is depicted in some of the stories.

**I thank Vijayendra for even considering me worthwhile to review his book. It was no mean task, especially because you know it is a friend who has worked on the book and lived this from idea to reality over 5 years. Have to admit that I read it as any lay reader would; experienced the pain of the protagonists at times and at times, found them incomprehensible. Kudos to VH for taking this huge leap of faith to make his dream a reality. Hope many of us who also nurture the dreams of being an author ...like him can do so...

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Blue Lily said...

If ever you are looking for an alternate career options... This one fits you to a T :)

I am tempted to read the book now.

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