Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 made super special by a doting father!

I have been very lucky to meet some amazing auto drivers and have had some memorable conversations.Today, 12/12/12 was made super special by a doting father.

The FB post I wrote:
"What a start to d day! Met such an 'educated' n inspirational person.
The auto driver, Mr.Nanjunde Gowda spoke about how his daughters are both distinction students, doing MCom and BCom. He said he has only his auto but he has ensured that his daughters have a secure future. Narrated about how when d older one topped accountancy n business studies in her college n he n his wife attended d felicitation ceremony! There was so much pride n so much love.
In a country that still battles female foeticide, dowry deaths n marital rapes... People like Mr. Gowda spell d right future! RESPECT!
#my auto stories"
 The full story is here and I hope it does justice to what I felt and the impact the conversation had. 
"Walking through the stone laid Amruthahalli road, I looked for an auto in vain. Finally decided to walk towards Byatarayanapura. Half a km later, managed to get this auto and the person agreed to go to Hebbal 500 wala busstand on meter. I was already happy that he wasn't asking for extra or making a fuss.
I sat and asked if he had put the meter on and he said, "yes madam, I have. I will fight for the right fare and may even argue, but am an honest man..I do not believe in haggling and cheating my passenger." I smiled and said that that is nice to know. He then said, "I have two daughters you know; both distinction holders. My older daughter is doing MCom and younger daughter is doing BCom. My older daughter has been asked by her college to do CA, they will help her with fees."...Turns...looks at me, smiles and continues...
"I have only this auto and we recently shifted from Nagarbhavi to Amruthahalli.   I may be auto driver but I am giving my daughters a secure future. I want them to become teacher in college, good money comes and also respect."..I said, " yes sir, correct. Teaching is a good profession and it is nice that you are so encouraging."
He then said.." They are so smart. My younger daughter did 8th,9th and 10th in Kannada medium and PUC in English medium but she worked hard and got 90% in PUC. Also, my older daughter got full marks on accountancy and business management in her college. She got an award of 1000 Rs. per subject, a garland and a shield. My wife and I went...we were so happy. Everybody Clapped."
By now, I was so choked with emotions that I just smiled...He asked me what I do and I said that I have just completed PhD from Tata Institute and working in Nagarbhavi at IIPMB and he said, "next to ambedkar college your office....i Know..I know..."
By then, we reached Hebbal, the traffic...the dusty roads ...were all lost in this conversation with this 'educated' and inspirational man. When I paid him the fare, I thanked him and told him that it was wonderful to start my morning listening to him talk about his daughters.
He smiled and said, "they are everything to me."...
Before I got down, I did take a pic of his License plate for memory. Will add that to the post later. 
Every morning when we wake up to news of female foeticide, khap judgements, moral policing, dowry deaths, elderly women being raped, marital rapes, girls dropping out of school and more, men like Mr.Nanjunde Gowda make the difference. 
I am just so humbled and just so overwhelmed!  

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