National Holiday for 'Women' Festivals!

A conversation on the bus today between two young women sitting opposite to me. Both were dressed in traditional attire, complete with jewellery and flowers on their head. (The conversation was in Kannada, and here is the almost verbatim translation)

W1: Saree very pretty ya
W2: your necklace is very nice, mother in law gave? your first varamahalakshmi vrata naa?
W1: yes, but what use? no holiday today?
Today is varamahalakshmi; so every 'lakshmi' should get compulsory leave (referring to wives, daughters, daughters in law...all women folk)
W2: agree! all our women ministers keep talking about women issues, they should demand for a national holiday for all women on varamahalakshmi and gowri puja day!
W1: correct correct! Also for Bhimamavasya and shivaratri, because that time all indian women pray for husband prosperity.

Different people, different concerns!


Princess said…
Ha ha :)
Different indeed.

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