"Why you put so much coriander Mamma, why?"

Dear Ira,

Every morning is as exciting as we welcome a new day with some new and some old questions. Keep those questions coming 'mona'. Having an inquisitive mind is a good thing. It is in fact one of the best things that can happen to a human being.

I was called a 'doubt girl' at school and it wasn't a compliment. But I have asked questions, in classes, to teachers, to people, to doctors...I usually have that urge that I need to know. And then one day, I met someone who wants to know the rationale behind everything and I mean everything, your pragmatic papa. So, I guess between us, we are a 'questioning family'!

Your questions range from the sweet toddler ones like, "Can I have some more bikki (biscuit) please?" to "why you put so much coriander mamma, why?", referring to the coriander in the dal. When you ask your papa, "where we going papa, where?" and in the same breath, "dadu place?". When you ask us how to make roti for pigeon or how to park your balance bike, when you ask for 'happy socks' only and 'muskmelon for snacks'. Your papa and I feel super proud because you are making small and big decisions, you are demonstrating an inquisitive mind, you do show that you know what you want. We hope this independent and inquisitive streak continues. We hope you continue to ask us the tough questions, like you already do. Tough questions like, "why you angry?" or even, "why you laughing?".

Ira, there are many a times when we as adults stop asking tough questions. Tough questions in difficult situations, tough questions to people who hurt us or even tough questions to self. Do not ever stop.

Recently, you quizzically looked at a small cut on your hand and asked, "Mamma, put Boroline or bandage?".
Life is like that most times, it is about choices and questions pertaining to them.

So, goodluck and happy questioning!
Your Mamma


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