Mustafa bhai aur biryani!

Landed in a new city,
Awed by its sprawling roads.
Commuted through choc-a-block traffic,
Met people of all shades and hue.
Busy work filled days and evenings to explore.
Rains play spoilsport,
Yet can't dampen my spirits.
Walked through the streets of Charminar,
The bangles, jootis and the lights are a charm.
Had the famous biryani from Shah Ghouse
and experienced the fine dine moment at Ohri's.

One thing will be etched in memory forever.
That one taxi ride and the conversation,
With Mr. Mustafa, the Cab driver in question.
Shares with us his story, his work in Dubai
And the choice to come back 'home'.
Stressed how family comes first,
We can yearn for other luxuries and such.
Spoke about the roads,  the politics and the hyderabadi biryani.
The impeccable English,
The gentlemanly behavior,
The humane thinking.
A journey well taken, lessons learnt.

Hyderabad in those four days was perfectly this,
"Mustafa bhai aur biryani! ".

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