Having fun, doing just nothing

19th November, 2016
Sports Day
Olympiad 2016 at Jackfruit House

As the school year progresses,  it presents new experiences to both parents and the toddlers. Ira was to attend her first sports day ever and needless to say, Papa and Mamma were equally excited.  The children were given a dress code and asked to bring pompoms. Colourful streamers, shiny papers and gift wraps came to the rescue and Ira was headed to sports day carrying her colourful homemade pompoms.

 The day began with us getting badges that designated us to a particular group and we got the green group.  The first  activity was pompom dance and Ira held on tightly to hers and just stood for a long long time. The wonderful thing was that parents also had to partake in the activities.  Mandatory selfie,  videos being shot and constant clicking of the camera. The air filled with the shrieks of parents encouraging their little ones to play the games.

We played treasure hunt where Ira had to search for shells and she stood after finding one.  We then had to make straw towers, build and dismantle paper cup towers using the rubber band sling, played golf too.  One of the track events we had was one where the children had to crawl through hoops which the parents moved. Ira just stood and didn't run through hoops. So,  P moved the hoops,  picked her,  put her in the hoop and moved it again. And our world filled with her cackle.

That moment represented the sports day, where it was about having fun, having a good time and doing it your way. After every sport, the enthusiastic hifis, the cheers was just contagious. Every child was given a cup which they posted with proudly and pretended to drink milk,  juice etc from it.  It is her first cup,  it is precious just like that moment when she stood in the garden and cackled loudly.

It was a Saturday morning well spent and we drove back home with beautiful memories, the pompoms almost intact and the precious cup that she held on to. We adults at times forget how simple things can make us happy, jumping in a sand pit,  playing with straws, throwing water and having fun doing just nothing. Time to find those simple moments for ourselves and live them. 


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