I am no doll

Dear little girls,
I apologise on behalf of everyone who has ever called you a doll. Ofcourse it is said as a compliment and they mean well. Because,  "awwww... She is such a doll" is meant as a positive affirmation. It refers to being cute,  sweet and lot of other such descriptions accorded to little girls. But I am very conscious not to refer to a little girl as a doll because she is a living breathing person and I somehow find the compliment annoying. I may belong to a very small tribe who feels this. Because I feel positive body image is an essential part of a healthy growth and being a doll cannot really be an aspiration.
So,  this poem is for you all.

I am no doll
Am not porcelain made
Nor rubber or wooly stuffed one
Not hard wooden or silicone ware

I am no doll
Am real and here
Have thoughts and feelings
Likes and dislikes
Smiles and tears

I am no doll
Am no toy to play with
Am no puppet to discard
Am no whim and fancy playmate

I am no doll
I have questions
And curiosities
I have dreams
And aspirations

I am no doll
Stacked on a shelf
Lifeless and show
For people to buy and go

I am no doll
I ask, I want
I need,  I strive
I am here flesh and blood

I am no doll
I am no doll

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Adithi said…
I noticed that she is tall.
Parul said…
That's lovely and you are right. Our little girls are no dolls. they are our rockstars :)
Madhurima said…
:) Time to come home.
Madhurima said…
Thanks Parul. True. May the tribe of rockstars increase!

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