Like this... Like this... Like this.. the Ira way!

Ira had her first ever annual day today,  Jackfruit House Festive Aura 2016-17. A historical day for the Pramadh household again. Preps began weeks ago at school.  We got a chit that specified that we are supposed to get a red satin frock with frills,  white stocking, black shoes and silver pompoms as she was part of the Christmas dance. Parental diligence demanded that we ask her everyday what she was doing for her annual day. The response would be a stoic silence. The day neared, P and I shopped for the clothes and shoes (got two cheap options from trusted Bata, one of which was later used by a little hero on the A day). A mommy friend came to the rescue and got the silver pompoms after some R&D in malleshwaram. Just a few days prior to the A day, Ira showed us some of the steps, saying... Like this... Like this.. Like this. Throughout she sang jingle bells.

As the day arrived, she had only practice sessions for few days. We got a memo with rules and regulations, stating how we must not crowd the place trying to take pics and videos and the school has made the required arrangements. This was definitely a good thing. The other bullet was that we parents were requested to be attired ethnically. Bringing up a child is a big task but following school instructions is an even bigger one. Almost like we parents are students again in another time line.

The day began early this morning and our little girl was all excited. We managed a small photo session at home before heading to school. The children were let in and in some time, we parents were let in.
The programme list stated the Christmas dance as the third one. With bated breath we waited and then walked on to stage our little ones. They held their poms poms and they all did dance, in their own little way. They danced to Feliz Navidad! None of this mattered- the unsynchronised steps, the missed beats,  the staring and doing nothing,  the trying to clean the pompoms on stage. Time stood still for us proud parents as our little ones took on the stage and totally owned it.

The festive Aura showcased various dances for festivals across the year. The children emceeing each dance were so articulate and impressive. It was a beautiful morning when the cloudy sky and the gentle breeze kept us company.

Ira did do some of her like this... Like this steps, she smiled, adjusted her pompoms and at times just stood there.  While entering the gates, her papa told her 'Be awesome'  and she was just that with all the added doses of Iraisms. 


Atheetha said…
You forgot to add "poking your neighbour's eyes"!
Piscean Angel said…
That was so sweet.Love toIra & her equally awesome parents. Reminds me of G's 1st annual day at LEwgen one of the little girl's lost her skirt while doing the boogie woogie dance.😊
Madhurima said…
I know!! Kids do the most weirdest things in the cutest way possible. :)
Madhurima said…
Thank you C. Am sure these memories stay on for years to come. I have been constantly seeking her dance video:)

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