Mamma, the Centipede will find me!

Ira and I do a little walk in the evening in our apartment complex. It involves a few rounds of walk, taking turns to chase each other, plucking the magic leaf () that when eaten with honey helps her throat and new stories every day. We also take either the ball or ben the plane with us. Demands are made to carry bigger soft toys for a walk too. But little twigs, dried leaves and stones make their way into the stories being told.

Today it was about a centipede. Ira had first seen a centipede at IISc on one of her visits and she was intrigued. Today, I told her that I saw a centipede and then it went missing in the garden. Ira then promptly plonked herself on the corridor and with a stick began tracing an imaginary centipede and then the centipede slowly found its way home into one of the crevices in the wall. While the centipede made its way home, we continued our stroll and she said that the centipede will find her and behold, eat her new pink shoes! So, we must hurry and she is scared and so I must carry her. The dramatic gestures must have convinced the other walkers that indeed a centipede is following her. She also said that the centipede will eat her small lappot (laptop). Convinced that the centipede is on her trail, we increased the paces. We reached the lift and she said, “Mamma, the centipede will find me!”. A hug convinced her that I shall keep her safe.

These little stories will be cherished life long. Hope the imagination grows leaps and bounds and Ira, the story teller stays on.

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