It is all about me

Very often, we forget ourselves in the cacophony of life. Make this year a little bit more about yourself.

Life gets busy
Life gets mundane
Life gets adventurous
Life gets nasty
Life gets painful

Time flies by
Time stands still

Dreams in our eyes
Fault in our stars
Hope in our hearts
Plans in our mind
Happiness in our being

Take that little step
Learn something new
Finish that TBR list
Walk a little more
Say No, vehemently
Say Yes, in happiness
Work on what you like
Do what you love

Love a little more
Dance a little more
Write a little more
Play a little more
Wander a little more
Wonder a little more
Let it be 'about me' a little more!

The journal in the pic was gifted to me last year by one of my besties and it will be my  favoritest gift ever. It is a five year journal. As I wrote the two lines for 2018, Jan 1st, reading what I had written last year made me so happy. Such an overwhelming feeling, like a memory log! 

So, when you look back to this year the next year, hope you also feel that you have made this year, all about you!

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