‘Our’ Superhero is back home!

The ‘Our’ in the title refers to Ira’s and Mine, ofcourse J
My significant other whom I now, more often than not, address as ‘papa’ in even normal between-us conversations! Life does take a turn when a child becomes a part of it. So, Papa has a penchant for adventures and adventures that somehow involve the big ‘H’! yeah…Hospitals. His most recent knee surgery for a meniscus tear this week is just another excuse to tell you about ‘our’ superhero! He never takes OTC medicines even when in crazy pain, meets a doc always for a fever or cough or anything! However, doesn’t ask those questions and so if he does the visit alone, I literally have to nag him to understand what transpired.
His latest hospital stay was different because this time we had Ira in the equation. While she stayed with her Dadu and Dida and they along with Joy helped her get ready and get to school those two days, we like always prepped her for what to expect and what will happen. While the process and instructions may sound robotic, it has helped us so far and so we continue to employ this tool of parenting (ahh…there I said it and made parenting sound oh so cryptic). The surgery was successfully completed and Ira came to see Papa in the evening along with Joy. She wanted to see how the IV works, if she can touch that hand and do ‘tuiiii’, the big bandage that papa got and can she sit on him or be carried by him. She was also thrilled to raise and lower the hospital bed. When he requested her to raise the bed, she lowered it and her logic was, “I have to first put it down and then bring it up!”. She learnt that the next two weeks, his movements will be restricted and that they can’t do the train-run or the horse-run, neither the acrobatics nor jumping around. He got home last evening and they spent this morning doing activities that do not involve movement, including placing little bikes and superheroes near the bandage!

While Papa works his way to recovery, till the bandage and staples are removed two weeks later; Batman, Superman and Hulk have their work cut out, to take care of ‘Our’ Superhero! 

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