Happy birthday Papa! It is your birthday no :)

Ira ke Papa celebrated his birthday last week and in true sense took off! A short weekend getaway where there was no work laptop and the phone was hardly a companion. Ira did her first long distance train journey. While we tried to enthuse her with the hillocks and trees and rivers, she was  more interested in the paperboat litchi juice and snacks that we had packed.
As it was Papa's birthday, she had also decided that they must eat lollypop. While P is extremely understated in his birthday celebrations, Ira through the day reminded him about the special day and prefixed and suffixed it to every situation in question! "It is Papa's birthday no, we can watch a lot of TV"! " We should eat cake, it is Papa's birthday no. Happy birthday Papa!" The wish was accompanied by cuddles and kisses too! She jumped incessantly on the bed, danced and entertained herself.

It was a fabulous weekend, much needed R&R. Papa and Ira made the most of pool time. Mamma visited a place that she associates a lot of childhood memories with and her heart skipped a beat when she went there this time. Ira discovered the joy of a lavish breakfast buffet and the thrill of slathering her frenchtoast with butter! That grin on her face was priceless.

If you want to discover little joys, just look at a child around you doing their little things! And the greatest joy is in seeing how they make your special days even more special with their little antics. Happy birthday Ira ke Papa!
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