Sunday, January 28, 2024

Rima, you are deeply loved


                                                Rima at Infinitea, Bengaluru

Dearest Rima,

I wish I wasn’t writing this letter to you. Because that would mean you are still amidst us in flesh and blood, being the amazing you. There is so much to say and there are such wonderful memories with you; that the mind seems in a kaleidoscopic phase right now, turning those moments, laughing, tearing up and just feeling overwhelmed.

The first time we met was at Palladium mall. Api and I finished work and she said, “you are going to meet one of my closest friends from Mumbai”. Little did I know that I would say the same, years later. I still remember you wearing the golden yellow printed salwar kamees with flowing dupatta, long hair, big bindi, a smile that reaches the eyes and heart; and of course the unabashed laughter and conversation. Over drinks and dinner that day, we spoke about your work at Karadi, how you both knew each other and about Mumbai, in general. It was a happy happy evening that brought you into my life. Will always be grateful for that day.

Over the years, Mumbai became synonymous with you. Would land in Mumbai, call you and say, “Oye Rima, tere shaher aa gayi. Kab mil rahi hain!” (Rima, am in your city. When are we meeting?). You would say, “Welcome ji” and the plans would begin.

Whether it was just walking the streets of Colaba and bargaining to buy earrings, then eating at Leopold and hailing the kaali peeli to go back to the hotel; or walking down marine drive to see Ganesh visarjan, you had a story for every occasion and the same excitement every time.

                   An evening to remember, watching Mrs.Chatterjee Vs Norway. Photo toh banti hain :)

Over the years, we had certain things that we did when ever we met, trying to catch a late-night show, going to Pritam da dhaba for dinner in the recent years and then ofcourse that one time when we literally raided Chhedas and picked so much snacks that we needed to buy new bags.

When in Mumbai, the trip is incomplete without Vada Pav. One of our iconic vada pav eating trip was to the one near Kirti college. We asked the cab bhaiya to wait, while we sat in anticipation of what was to come. You got all of us vada pavs and we sat in the cab, ate, chatted and guffawed away. Cab bhaiya was too polite and to give us space, stood on the side of the road and enjoyed his vada pav. That will remain the best vada pav experience ever.

Resourcefulness was your second name and nothing was impossible for you, literally. The one time when I was travelling alone and was dealing and figuring out all my intolerances, we lunched at this beautiful Bird Song Café. What stays with me from that afternoon is that you always had a way to make people feel loved and cared for, even while stating that, “yahan pe na tujhe dessert milega. Nahi mila toh koi naa, aur ek jagah hain…” (you will get desserts here, if not, there is another place). We did go to that another place and picked up desserts and then rushed to the airport for my flight.

You loved Mumbai in the night and we saw a few glimpses of it, through your eyes and with you. Last year, you wanted us to do a breakfast at Taj Lands Inn and made that happen. Sitting there for breakfast that day, enjoying the breeze and the slow paced breakfast, it almost seemed for a moment that we had left the worries of the world behind.

You being a part of Invicta over the last few years saw us working closely. Your meticulousness and ability to make even a session tracker conversation interesting made a mundane day bearable. You were a sounding board, who always had level-headed suggestions to give and your keen observations helped many of us only do better at work. When you sat through a session and picked up nuances that we had missed, we wondered why didn’t we see it. Even this week in a session, I kept thinking what would you do in that moment!

Adulting is hard by every measure, but the way you adulted in your most difficult and tumultuous moments, left us in shock and awe at the same time. You taught us that come what may, take things head on, trust what life has in store for you and just savor every moment. You love music and there was rhythm in the moment when you would close your eyes and enjoy a song. For someone with borderline music intelligence, I just enjoyed seeing you being in that moment.

A few months back, we were having a crisis day at work and we got on a call and you told me you were getting your chemo and so sitting there and sending voice notes to clients, kyunki to dos had to be done. You just said it as a matter of fact, there was no glorification of the moment and that was you, as real as it gets.

Our last video call was on the 27th of December, 2023, while I was in Goa and you called from the hospital, while Api was there with you. Even in that moment, you enquired about us, how Joy was doing and then told about yourself. Api later told me that you sat and made calls and spoke to friends that day.

We can only imagine but never know the pain you went through. While cancer devastated your system, it could do nothing to your spirit and zeal for life.

Am sure there is a lot left untold and it has taken me a few days to pen this. The grief and pain has been deep and will stay for ever. What we can choose to do is remember you and cherish every moment with you. Thankful that life brought us together. Know that you are deeply loved and the world was a better place because of you!

Love and hugs always,



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Saturday, January 6, 2024

2023- Work-life Reflections

It is the beginning of a new calendar year. Falling prey to habit, I began to reflect upon how my work looked in the year gone by. This includes work in the academic space, trainings and invited talks. I also embarked upon a new journey.


In 2023, I trained across 21 organizations, covering over 30 topics. Built the capabilities of ~1850 employees. Participants from 7 countries attended my sessions - India, US, Australia, New Zealand, China, Philippines & Singapore. We also saw organizations embracing hybrid-work mode and some moving to five days in office mode. I trained 54% participants in-person, across multiple cities in India.

There are four long duration training courses that I conducted with Design Thinking being a 25 hour course.

Over the year, 6 themes emerged as strong needs of Organizations, across domains, as depicted in the graph below.

A few aspects emerged in the training journey this year:

  • ·       The interactions with the HR and Learning teams have evolved to incorporate development plans into the training modules for long term impact.
  • ·       On one hand, Organizations are looking at small pocket modules of two hours for online trainings, but for in person, they are also looking at long duration learning journeys to aid career development & growth.
  • ·       Participants are happy to be attending training sessions in person, enjoying the interactions with their peers. The more hands-on and activity based is the training, the more effective it is.  Participants wrote, drew, sketched, made planes and boats, clay dough models, Played Jenga, Pictionary, taboo, solved puzzles, sang and danced in sessions with utmost commitment and zeal. 

Academic Teaching

This year, I taught Academic Courses across four departments at Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru developing the capabilities of over 160 students in that academic year. Each course brought with it young minds from multiple disciplines and interests. Bringing in my learnings from the training realm, the pedagogy includes use-cases, reflections on grassroot problems, understanding the changing industry through business articles and white papers, video analysis, role plays and activities.  The courses I taught:

  • ·        Organizational Behavior, Dept. of Psychology
  • ·        Cyber Psychology, Dept. of Psychology
  • ·        Behavioral Science, The Centre of Public Policy
  • ·        Entrepreneurship Development for Communication, Dept. of Communication Studies
  • ·        Industrial Psychology and the Human Dynamics, Dept. of Management

For a few years now, am also the Guide for students for their Master’s Dissertation in the Dept. of Psychology and Centre for Public Policy.

                                         With my Industrial Psychology students and Colleagues

Invited Talks

Gave Invited talks across 3 Institutions to over 250 students on topics like Deconstructing Training TENETS, Mental Health Wellness for Students and PoSH -Awareness & Nuances.

Coaching Journey

I have been passionate about coaching for a few years now and the journey to realise that dream and manifest it began with completing the Life Coaching- Beginner to Advanced Course from Achology. Udemy, in May 2020. The last three years I conducted group coaching sessions for leaders on a variety of topics ranging from creativity and innovation to strategic decision making. This year, I achieved my goal of offering personalized 1-1 coaching sessions for women leaders going through career transitions; providing them with guidance, support, and strategies to achieve their goals.

A Learner, for life

I am a strong proponent of the fact that teachers/ facilitators have to constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills. This helps us stay up to date with what is happening in the industry and academic and teach more effectively. This year, I obtained a certification on Prevention of Sexual Harassment for Internal Committee, conducted by Kept HR, India. I also took up a learning journey, completing the Gender and Sexuality: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Course from the University of Pittsburgh, through Coursera.

Closing thoughts

The year gave me the opportunity to meet many smart, talented, and creative people who inspired me, challenged me, and made me a better teacher, facilitator and coach. A big shoutout to my colleagues at Invicta Learning and Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru for making this possible. A big thank you to Apitha, Aruna and Rima for their encouragement and partnership. When women support each other, incredible things happen. To Neeta and Priya, for always being there. And eternal love and gratitude to my wonderful family, Prashant for his unconditional support and for always stepping up to be an equal partner, Dheeman for being as excited as I am about all new things I do; and my Parents, who are the wind beneath my wings! XOXO to my little human, Ira who is my constant cheer leader and asks me who I taught and what I taught, almost everyday of work. 

I look forward to a year of new aspirations, new opportunities and new learnings! Happy 2024


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Friday, December 22, 2023

A first crack and some hacks, the Pramadh way


                                First crack!

We often talk about milestone moments and firsts concerning our little human being! It could be a new learning, a new experience , a new thought ...a first for us!

I have had my share of fractures and casts and Papa also has had a hairline fracture in the rib during his all India ride, almost 15 years back. 

This week, on Monday while going to school, Ira jammed her thumb in the car door. Prashant was dropping her and some of her bus friends to school that day. 

She had a cut and it began bleeding. Prashant asked her to wash it and while she was going to the kitchen area to do that she felt dizzy due to the pain. She asked for Papa and then he had to slap her ( those are her words) to make her conscious. She was in severe pain and they rushed to a hospital close by. Ira generally has good pain tolerance and often brushes off cuts and bruises and gets back to play right away. This time there were tears. 

Papa asked them to give her a pain relief while they waited for the xray technician. The xray showed a small crack in her thumb! Ira had her first ever fracture! They gave her a splint and some pain meds. She insisted on going back to school and Papa dropped her back. 

All that you read so far is her narration of what happened that day. When Prashant messaged me and I called Ira from work, she said , "it is paining a lot!". I could hear her sniff but I knew she had her hero with her and Papa is the best at managing crisis moments like this. 

Offlate, I have been quite panicky about small things and that evening saw me get all worked up about the pain med, make calls to the Paediatrician and then find some strange peace of mind. All unnecessary drama. 

                  Goofing around with Mamma!

This is also the first time Ira has had to have a tablet and she has officially progressed from the world of syrups. She found it a struggle and it was a learning for all of us. We broke it, powdered it, water first, water later....tried all hacks. 

A few days now and Ira is much better. She has to keep the splint for a few weeks and now we are cracking jokes about it, literally. 

We are off for our year end break and she knows she has to be a little gentle with the hand, letting adventurous moments take a backseat,but just for a short while. 

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Monday, November 6, 2023

BFC BFC BFC, the Pramadh way!


Ira ke Papa always comes up with new things to do with Ira. 

October marked another milestone moment, another first for Ira and Papa.

Papa took Ira to the Kanteerava Stadium to watch their first Football Match in the ISL.  BFC vs East Bengal. It was the first match for BFC at home ground.

While Mamma was at Mumbai on work, Ira during their morning video call said, Am busy today evening. You could call but I will be at the stadium.

Ever since they had booked the West Block A tickets, there was palpable excitement at home. Ira has begun to play football and school and is beginning to understand the game better. 

Post school, they headed early to the stadium. The Match was to begin at 8pm but they were there a few hours early. 

They soaked in the festive fervour, saw the team bus come in and Ira was super excited that one of the players even waved at her :) . Papa follows the West Block Fan page on Insta and was aware of the slogans. For Ira, this was a whole new experience. She was amused at some interesting words in the slogans. BFC won that evening. Ira showed mom the backflip kick by the footballer, J Hernandez that ensured the win.

They were also accompanied by a friend, who is a football player himself. Ira was thrilled that he won some coupons and gifts on showing some football moves at the Jockey arena. 

Post match, the two of them also went for dinner to a drive in place where they sat in the car and food was served on a plank. Our little girl is quite adventurous and loved the food experience. Also one of those rare times when she slept at 12am and Papa said it is ok to miss school the next day.

Mamma came home to listen to everything that transpired that day, with big grins and excited chatter.

Three weeks later, Mamma accompanied them for another BFC match and understood all the excitement and where it emanated from. It was an electrifying first experience for Mamma too. 

Ira is already gearing up for the next match with Papa! Post one of her football games during sports class at school, she also came home and spoke about the nutmeg move! That day, Papa and Mamma learnt something new :). 

So, to discovering new things and to new experiences with our little girl. 

BFC BFC BFC....forever!

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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Hello November, Gratitude.

 I love November. Birthday month. Time to be grateful for Life and everything it brings with it.

The Saturday gone by was quite eventful and a roller coaster ride. A throat infection escalated to severe wheezing and I experienced breathlessness. A visit to the Aster ER, immediate intervention and some tests over the next few hours. Diagnosed with acute asthma and put on nebulization and meds for the next few days, I was discharged. Over the next few days, I also got tested for COVID and the flu panel as the doctors wanted to ensure there was no other infection lurking apart from the bronchial issues. Thankfully, all that was clear. 

I have been taking a break from work, cancelled all work travels and focusing on rest and recuperation. Taking things as slow as I can :) 

I came home to Ira that day and she gave me a beautiful card that she had made which showed me on the beach, enjoying the sun , once I am all better. My girls sure knows me well. And I wish I can manifest this soon.

The next few nights, there were sleepless hours and one such night, I also wrote a piece of poetry.

There is a lot to be grateful for

I am grateful to have access to excellent Medical care, to those doctors who patiently listened to me share how I was feeling and also sensed my fears. I am grateful to the wonderful and gentle nurse, Laveena who attended to me those few hours.

I am grateful for Prashant and Ira, who are just champs in moments of crisis. Been enjoying all the TLC. My bhai who cancelled all his plans in case he had to travel cross country to be with me (Ooru travel feels like that). My Baba and Ma, who were extremely worried but gave me the time to call them back when I could speak without getting breathless. My friends who were there to listen, who made me smile and who checked in on me frequently. My workspace human beings ( you know who you are) who ensured I could take a complete break and managed all backend drama.

Thank you Life.

You are beautiful , in every way. 

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Thodi si Kaali-Peeli, Bahut si Rangeen Yaadein

Title: Thodi si Kaali-Peeli, Bahut si Rangeen Yaadein 

Title translated: A little bit of black and yellow and lot of colourful memories

Sometimes some seemingly small discoveries in life sweep you off your feet. 

My first work travel to Mumbai almost 8 years back, when I discovered the joys of travelling in a Kaali-Peeli was one such moment.

The Premier Padmini kinds, where the doors locked and made a sound, the cushions felt like old sofa seats, you saw the meter running and you just travelled.

I was amazed at how you could just wave, they come and stop, you sit and then tell them the destination and then they go. Zero fuss literally. And this was the story every time.

I also realised that they have back 1 Rupee 50paise if the fare was 48.50 and you paid a fifty note. The first time I stood gawking at the Bhaiya who had dropped us off and then realised that's how they functioned. 

Another time at CST, a colleague and I had been just abandoned by a fancy taxi stating some random excuse. We had like 60 minutes to get to the airport in peak traffic. We stood with our luggages and looked worried. This Police Bhaiya came and just asked us what happened , stopped a kaali peeli and we got to the airport on time.

Mumbai during the rains is a love story to behold, in its own way. Life goes on and for people like me, the kaali peeli has often come to my rescue when there is ankle deep water and I just want to get back to the hotel safe and sound.

Imagine four of us close friends, who also happen to work together, travelling cramped up in a kaali-peeli post work on a busy day, have enjoyed the Vada Pav near Keerthi College without an iota of worry. The bhaiya patiently waited while we snacked and gappe- marofied. It may not be perfect, smelling all musk and lavendar, but it has a life and a story of its own, everytime. 

Last month, I visited Mumbai and most of the local travel was in Kaali peeli. Many of them still didn't do GPay etc and so we had to keep cash. But then quick travel, mazedaar conversations and  sometimes just perfect old Bollywood classics play in the background. What more can you ask for?

An elderly gentleman once told me when I asked him, "Bahut Baarish hain kya?" 

"Nahin Madam, thori si boonda boondi bas. Yeh shahar toh rukhne wala hain nahin. Aapko aapki manzil tak pahucha denge jitni bhi baarish ho".

The beauty may be off the roads, but the stories are here to stay like little drops of rain and lots of sunshine! 

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Ira and Papa's First Bike Ride, the Pramadh way


              All set for the ride, 9th September 2023

Dearest Ira

Happy Daughter's Day 2023. 

Today, I take this moment to blog about a recent first experience that you and Papa had. A milestone for sure. 

Making memories, on the road

Papa decided to take you on a bike ride to Hosadurga to meet your aunt, Ramya and cousins, Pranati and Pranav. 

This was a sudden impulsive decision on a Friday evening, but given how your Papa rides, the planning was meticulous to every detail. 

You both rode 420 kms over two days with a night stay over at your aunts place. For your first ride, this was surely fabulous. 

The ground rules of riding with Papa

1.  Always listen to rider

2. Even though am incharge of your and my safety, you have to take care of your safety.  Feet always on footpegs, no dangling. Vehicles zip past us closely. Small percentage of riders can come close to bike. If feet dangling, you are outside width of bike. Your feet can be injured. 

3. Phone numbers of important people. Where do you stay. This was a small chit that was put in your jeans pocket for easy access.

4. In case of accident, first people to call. This was also included as emergency contact on the chit.

5. When you fall, roll off the road. Injury will be lesser

6. Talk to me? Tap me on the left shoulder. I will slow down and stop. On the road, when in high speed, can't hear each other too well. Talk loudly. Pee, water, stretch, wash face, rest.

7. You cannot sleep on the bike. Be safe. Talk, sing to self. Think a lot, tell stories. Constantly look at what is around and be aware. Engage with self.

8. Public bathroom safety rules were added by Mamma. 

While Mamma was excited for you both, she surely was a bit anxious too. The quick calls intermittently not only helped her vicariously enjoy the ride but also gave her the moment to calm down.

You had a lovely time with Pranati and also visited the famous cafe at Hosadurga and had a lot of junk favourites for dinner.

What Ira learnt from the ride. You recorded audio messages for this and am putting it out here.

1. She cannot sleep while they are on the road and anytime she is sleepy, Because if she slept and fell on him and he lost balance, they could crash

2. If Papa tapped her left leg, he was asking her or telling her something 

3. When she had to tell him something, she had to tap him on the left shoulder or arm and if she wanted him to pullover, say pullover 

4. If he tapped her three times, meant there was a hump coming up and she had to hold on tightly 

5. A thumbs-up sign from either meant all good

              Yaay! Our first Bike ride done. 10th September 2023. 

What she liked about the ride was that she could look around, keep her self occupied and just enjoy. She said a car window provided a limited view but on a bike, she could see all around. Ofcourse the snacks at the pitstops were added benefits :) 

As parents, this was a big moment for us. Ensuring a journey of exploration and self discovery through this bike road trip for you.

To more bike road trips and to more new discoveries.

Love, hugs and kisses

Mamma and Papa

Little things, big Joys 😍

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Monday, August 28, 2023

111, the Ira way

                     Ira and Paata, been together for seven years now.

Ira completed 111 months yesterday. Last year in September , we celebrated her completing 100 months at Kali Adventure Camp, doing her favourite things and eating gulab jamun.

I like to think of these milestones and remember them. I also realise that her 9th Birthday Blog is still a wip (in the mind). The last three months into Fourth grade has been quite a revelation. The learning curve seems to have jumped with her wanting agency for her decisions and wanting to feel empowered. She is navigating complex moments in her friendship and peer circles with some silent confidence and sometimes vocal thoughts.

Last evening, she came down with a cough and we decided to get some rest today, stay home.

Paata in her old dress, sitting beside Ira as she reads.

She has rested but has also done some new things today. She worked on some Maths and spent lot of time reading. Also, helped Papa make Serradura,the Goan dessert in the morning. We then began work on another craft project and did step one of it ( more hopefully in another blog). 

                         Serradura happiness

The cough is  still there and she may need some more days rest. But she remembered that I had promised to help her make a dress for Paata, her first doll :)

So, we got to the task. She had a favourite dress that was upcycled to a skirt and today we upcycled that to a dress for Paata. Taada!!

Ira happy, Mamma happy!Our little human being is 111 month and 1 day old and calling the shots ,perfectly. 

                        Being Ira 

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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Books in 2022


Books in 2022


In 2019, my New Year Resolution was to read atleast one new author every month. In 2020, I wanted to read at least one non-fiction every month. In 2021, I just wanted to read more.

In 2022, I want to continue reading at least one new author every month and also read more translated work from Bangla. Recommendations are welcome 😊


My reading Journey in the year 2022:


Books Read: 81

New authors: 36

Most Read Genre: Mystery

Favourite New Author and Recommendation for all: Charlie Mackesy- The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

Always favourite Author: Haruki Murakami- First Person Singular

Favourite Debut Novel: Farah Bashir- Rumours of Spring

Favourite books by Authors from Ooru:

Children’s Book- Pooja Sagar- Something’s Hiding.

Harini Nagendra-The Bangalore Detectives Club

Favourite Fiction: Ken Liu- The Paper Managerie

Favourite Translated Fiction: Shrilal Shukla- Raag Darbari

Favourite Non- Fiction: Shrayana Bhattacharya-Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh

Most Disturbing Read: K.R. Meera- Qabar, Perumal Murugan- Resolve

Read with your child: Srividya Natarajan, S. Anand-Bhimayana

J Krishnamurti- What does fear do to you? What is it to care? What does freedom mean?



#Booksin2022 #LoveReading #Happiness #MaddiReads




Book 1: The Silent Patient -Alex Michaelides- 3rd Jan 2022


Hello January!

I received this book as part of a Secret Santa Book Gifting in December 2021.

Half way through the book and it is gripping!

#MaddiReads #BooksIn2022 #LoveReading #CurrentRead #MurderMystery #DebutNovel #OneNewAuthorEveryMonth #Gratitude #Happiness #Book1


Book 2: Ken Spillman- No Fear Jiyaa- 5th Jan 2022

This is one of the many books our #LittleHumanBeing got for the new year. I had actually picked it up few years back but wanted her to read it on her own and so it came out of the secret gift stash that Mamma has

Mamma: How is the book Ira?

Ira: It is about a girl called Jiyaa and her adventure in Australia.

Mamma: Ok. Did you like it?

Ira: Yeahh

Mamma: So, what happens to Jiyaa

Ira: She has an adventure in a camp. You read it to know more

She obviously piqued my interest enough and I read it while sitting with Baba at the hospital for his consultation yesterday. A lovely book for young readers and adults alike.

To being adventurous and fearless like Jiyaa!

Ira wants Papa also to read it now!

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Book3: Paulo Coelho- Brida- 7th January 2022

Do you have a list of authors whose books are comfort reads? Whose protagonists have always intrigued you? Whose books leave you with a multitude of thoughts, retrospections and a sense of being?

Paulo Coelho for me is one such author.

Ready to take this journey with Brida.

#MaddiReads #BooksIn2022 #LoveReading #CurrentRead #FavouriteAuthor #Gratitude #Happiness #Book3 #BorrowedBook #LoveCoffee


Book 4: Fredrik Backman- My Grandmother sends her regards and apologies- 22nd January 2022

Every seven year old deserves a Superhero Exploring the Land-of-Almost-Awake with Elsa and her granny!

Just the perfect book to drive away the Covid blues.

Also, knitted something for my little girl. Can you guess what that is?

#MaddiReads #BooksIn2022 #LoveReading #CurrentRead #FavouriteAuthor #Gratitude #Happiness #Book4 #CovidSeasonTwoAtPramadhs #YarnKnitting


Book 5: Fibby Libby- 24th January 2022

Ira is currently reading HP, but also devouring smaller quick reads in between. This is a pre-loved book from a give away in the apartment where we live.

Libby is funny but also fibby! Ira wanted me to also quickly read the book today and I did. Then we also made faces and took umpteen pics!

Well, quarantining, making faces and reading together

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Book 6: Devashish Makhija- Forgetting-28th January 2022

Good food and a book heals even a difficult day. A dear friend shared this book along with her care package as we dealt with covid. Giving it company is a bowl of fruits, sprinkled with some trail mix from India Hemp Co.

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Book 7: Elena Ferrante- The Beach at Night- 28th January 2022

Reading a short story by Elena Ferrante. This is supposedly a #ChildrensBook. The story is from the viewpoint of a doll, Celina. There has been some controversy about the book and how the translated book has language that may not be appropriate for children. The fact remains that sometimes some things are lost in translation.

Giving the book company is 'Ashsha', the second doll that I had picked for Ira from a handicraft expo in Ooru. Ashsha is 4 years old and gives company to Paata (Ira's first doll), who is now over 5 years old.


#MaddiReads #BooksIn2022 #LoveReading #CurrentRead #Gratitude #Happiness #Book7 #KindleRead #IrasDolls #PaataAndAshsha

Book 8: Anthony Horowitz- The word is Murder- 29th January 2022

My weekend plan!

Learn a new board game with Prashant H Pillai and Ira; and read another book by an author I discovered last year!

Happily indulged in buying more books this weekend and also was gifted some books by a dear friend

#MaddiReads #BooksIn2022 #LoveReading #CurrentRead #Gratitude #Happiness #Book8 #KindleRead #LoveMystery #FavouriteAuthor #BoardGame #Pramadhs


Book 9- Shrayana Bhattacharya-Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh- 1st February 2022

Beginning February with a book 'He' gave me. He also booked a seat for me for an online AMA with the author! This is how love looks like

And yeah, am a die hard SRK fan for years now. A few pages in and love how she has explored the fandom and the multiple social, emotional and economic trajectories of a woman's life.

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Book 10-11 -5th February 2022

These two books are super special. The first one has been written by Ira's Science and Library teacher. We absolutely loved it and highly recommend it.

The second one is the first in the series. It is like a graphic novel and extremely hilarious. Ira finished the series in a day! Am yet to read the rest of the books. When Garbage bags become astronaut helmets and then hideout masks, making our Saturday evening fun in every way.

Highly recommend both these books!

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Book 12- Khyrunnisa- Tongue In Cheek-8th February 2022

Exploring the sublime and the ridiculous in this book by an author whose Children's books were our first connect. The cover is like a sunny side up, delectable and a glimpse of the fun ride to follow.

Also, like we know Westland Publications is being closed down by Amazon. Our time as readers to support the authors. Prashant H Pillai picked a bunch of books and a dear friend also recently gifted us The Silent Coup. Eka and Tanquebar are imprints of Westland Publications.

To readers, writers, to stories told and untold.

#MaddiReads #BooksIn2022 #CurrentRead #LoveReading #Humor #ShortStories #Book12 #Gratitude #Happiness #Pramadhs #LoveBooks

Book 13- K.R. Meera- Qabar- 20th February 2022

My kind of weekend. 'He' introduced me to many new experiences in life and Camping is one of them. 2011 was when I slept in a tent for the first time ever and this weekend, we did a Camping trip with Ira. A bit of trekking, lot of reading amidst nature, good food and some contemplation.

He gifted me this book and it is a fabulous read.

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Book 14-15 28th February 2022

Closing February with these two books that Ira picked at the school library. She said that she ran to take the Roald Dahl book and loved it, wishing she too had the magic finger and it's special powers. The other book she said she didn't like much. The journey of being a reader and discovering that there are some books we love and some we may not like<3. I am just going to read all books she brings home

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Book 16- Perumal Murugan- Resolve-1st March 2022

Marching into the new month with some resolves, as I read another story exploring the threads of patriarchy, social inequality, caste discrimination and human frailties. Perumal Murugan is a fabulous storyteller.

#MaddiReads #BooksIn2022 #LoveReading #LoveBooks #CurrentRead #TranslatedWorks #Book16

Book 17-19- 11th March 2022

Continuing on my resolution to read all books she brings home from her school library

Been a bit slow with my reading last two weeks. But this is a whole new world for me.

Interesting fact: Author Beverly Cleary was a Children's librarian and also has twins herself.

I loved the Pee Wee scouts too.

And yeah, giving the books company is Ira's Among us pop-it and also there is a love note from P and Ira Each drew one half of the heart

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Book 20-22 27th March 2022

Adulting is hard some days and this has been one such month when my reading has been very very slow! However, I have been reading the books Ira brings home from school.

I am discovering a lot of Scholastic books and that Ira wants to read about magic, super power, mischief and mayhem at the same time .

To my delight she brought books midweek and am hoping has filled the details in the library cards the kids themselves made.

Also introducing Aliza, Ira's new doll who will give company to Paata, Ashsha and Sasha. Ira wondered out aloud why are there no dolls with spectacles? Mamma then narrated the story of Encanto and how it came about. The hunt for a little doll with spectacles began and has been fascinating, thanks to a dear friend.

So, to more inclusive stories and more inclusive dolls

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Book 23- Abby Klein- Help! A Vampire’s Coming-31st March 2022

Last week of school for our little girl and she got this home! We both loved the book and also found notes on how to make a dream catcher, ways to drive away vampires and make slime!

Loved the little note from the author. Also , adding that dream catcher to one of the zillion things we want to do this summer

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Book 24- Charlie Mackesy- The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse-7th April 2022

My first read in April! A brilliant book. Going to get a copy for myself and going to read it again. Because it is one of those books.

"Love doesn't need you to be extraordinary".

#MaddiReads #CurrentRead #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #OneNewAuthorEveryMonth #Book24 #Gratitude #Happiness #KindleRead #IllustratedBook

Book 25- Sayaka Murata-Convenience Store Woman- 8th April 2022

I read about this book sometime last year while I was reading an article about Japanese authors.

With Covid, I do miss going to a convenience store to shop. These noodles were bought online. While I wonder how they are going to be, am currently enjoying reading this story that delves into social conformity and gender roles.

Reviews on both the noodles and the book are welcome

#MaddiReads #CurrentRead #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #SecondNewAuthorOfTheMonth #Book25 #Gratitude #Happiness #KindleRead #TranslatedWorks

Book 26- Haruki Murakami- First Person Singular-11th April 2022

Hello Monday!

Waking up to this

#MaddiReads #CurrentRead #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book26 #Gratitude #Happiness #FavouriteAuthor #ShortStories #CampingHoliday #HolidayRead #Pramadhs

Book 27- Srividya Natarajan, S. Anand-Bhimayana-14th April 2022

Ira was introduced to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar few years back. This year in Humanities at school, they learnt about the Constitution of India, the Preamble and about his life. They also did a play on his life. Papa and Mamma felt super proud watching their little human being being a part of such a moment.

Sharing a book we are currently reading, gifted by a dear friend and also 2 sketches made by Ira.

#MaddiReads #BooksIn2022 #LoveReading #LoveBooks #Pramadhs #Gratitude #Humanities #ExistentialThoughts #ArtByIra #ThirdNewAuthorOfTheMonth #CurrentRead #Book27 #AmbedkarJayanthi

Book 28- Ruskin Bond- The Hidden Pool- 23rd April 2022

A story about 4 boys from diverse backgrounds becoming friends and experiencing adventures of a kind in the mountains.

Adai uthappam for breakfast that also spells diversity through its ingredients.

When you find hope in books and food because the world around seems grim.

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #ChildrensBooks #IraRecommendsMammaReads #Us #Pramadhs #LoveFood #Book28 #CurrentRead

Book 29- Anita Desai-The Village by the Sea- 24th April 2022

The first book I read by Anita Desai was Fasting Feasting and found it quite intriguing. I got to know about this book from a friend whose daughter had to read it in high school and do a presentation on it.

Giving it company is some fabulous coffee made by Him and a very yum biscoot that has a caramelised flavor

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #CurrentRead #Pramadhs #LoveBiscoot #Book29 #ChildrensBooks #LoveCoffee #SundayMorning #KindleRead

Book 30- Roald Dahl- The Twits- 29th April 2022

Ira kept laughing loudly as she read this book and that definitely piqued my interest! So, Friday morning began with this read and my banana yogurt smoothie, which also had the yummilicious Soulful millet mix

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #ChildrensBooks #IraRecommendsMammaReads #Us #Pramadhs #Book30 #CurrentRead #LoveBananaSmoothies

Book 31- T J Newman- Falling-30th April 2022

Saturday Morning, Coffee and a new book!

The author was a flight attendant and her debut novel revolves around an incident on a flight!

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book31 #CurrentRead #LoveMystery #KindleRead #DebutNovel #FourthNewAuthorOfTheMonth

Book 32- Shrilal Shukla- Raag Darbari-2nd May 2022

Hello Monday!

First work travel in 2022! Amidst nature and learning. Reading a book He gifted me on his birthday

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book32 #CurrentRead #TranslatedWorks #OneNewAuthorEveryMonth #WorkTravels #TravelTales #Us

Book 33- Harini Nagendra-The Bangalore Detectives Club-15th May 2022

Happy Sunday

Reading Harini Nagendra 's Debut Crime Fiction Novel! Beginning a journey with Kaveri.

Giving the book company is some Earl Grey Tea from Organic T-Tales.

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book33 #CurrentRead #BengaluruAuthor #LoveMystery #DebutBook

Book 34- Best Loved Indian Stories-23rd May 2022

Happy Monday

In the woods, reading an anthology of 23 stories by writers from across the country.

My first reading many of these authors.

Love Linger because every place of theirs has a small set of books, their mini library to read from. I have always set aside the books I carry to read some from their shelf

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book34 #CurrentRead #ShortStoriesCollection #IndianLiterature #Diversity #Anthology #HolidayRead #TranslatedWorks #nNewAuthorsOfTheMonth #TravelLibraries

Book 35- M&B- The Nanny proposition 25th May 2022

The last time I read a Mills & Boon was over a decade ago. Introduced to these in college, the hopeless romantic me always found the most bizarre plots plausible. Of course, I am a tad bit more sensible now. But when I found this book amidst the books in the quaint cupboard on my holiday, I had to read it!

We also brought with us some pre-loved books to leave with their library here.


#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book35 #CurrentRead #MillsAndBoon #Romance #SecondNewAuthorOfTheMonth #TravelLibraries


Book 36- Sophie Kinsella- The Undomestic Goddess- 26th May 2022

A few pictures that sum up our morning today, our noon and our next holiday destination.

Another place in the Western Ghats. Soaking in the sun, the breeze and reading a book from their mini library. I thoroughly enjoy Sophie Kinsella's books.

Ira also raided the library, picked 2 books of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid; and already finished a book since noon . Holidays done right.

We have also got some pre-loved books here to add to their collection.

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book36 #CurrentRead #LightRead #TravelLibraries #Pramadhs #HolidayMornings #Ira #Iraisms #IraAtSeven #StoriesAtSeven #Happiness

Book 37- Enid Blyton- Amelia Jane Again- 29th May 2022

Hello Sunday!

As we head back to Ooru, my final read this holiday is a book by Enid Blyton.

Will miss these mornings

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Book 38-41- 16th June 2022

June reading has been a bit slow!

Adulting, chaotic mind and lot more.

Ira brought these 4 books home from her school library last week and finished them that evening. Through her, am introduced to many new worlds. Am very excited to especially meet Fly Guy and Fly Girl<3

Confession: I eagerly wait to see what books she brings home, so I can read them too

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Book 42- Toshikazu Kawaguchi- Before the Coffee Gets Cold- Tales from the Café-16th June 2022

The last book pic from our earlier home and that makes this even more special. Also, this book is a sequel to Before the Coffee Gets Cold, my favourite book of 2021. Just 4 stories and they take you on a time travel. Last few days, I have laughed, cried and felt the love expressed in the pages.

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book42 #CurrentRead #Happiness #TranslatedWorks #FavouriteBook2021 #Sequel #ShortStories #LoveCoffee



Book 43-54 26th July 2022

Reading has been slow. The mind has been embracing the quiet. I am still reading a book I began in May. The books that Ira brings from school have brought laughter, wonder and some life to some really dull moments.

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Book 55- Nita Prose- The Maid-29th July 2022

Sometimes all you need is a quick, simple murder mysteries and this unravels through the eyes of Molly. Interesting so far.

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book55 #CurrentRead #Happiness #WorkTravels #DebutNovel #MurderMystery #OneNewAuthorEveryMonth #KindleRead #TravelRead


Book 56- Elif Shafak- The Architect’s Apprentice-3rd August 2022

Hello August!

Sometimes all you need is familiarity and comfort. Reading one of my favourite authors<3

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book56 #CurrentRead #Happiness #TranslatedWork

Book 57- Ken Liu- The Paper Managerie- 20th August 2022

This picture summarises my last two days of calm, serenity and travel. The Paper Managerie, The Perfect Match and the Literomancer are my favourite ones so far.

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book57 #CurrentRead #Happiness #TranslatedWork #HolidayReads #TravelInTheWoods #ScienceFiction #ScienceFantasy #OneNewAuthorEveryMonth #KindleRead #ShortStories

Book 58- Satyajit Ray- The Feluda Omnibus-28th August 2022

The final Sunday of August!

As a child, I read snippets of Feluda. Realising that childhood moment again as I read a book that Ira is reading now. I can read Bangla but not proficient enough to read novels and so the translated works make way to my world. And there is no moment august enough, if not now.

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book58 #CurrentRead #BanglaLiterature #Happiness #TranslatedWork #SecondNewAuthorOfTheMonth #IraReadsMammaReads



Book 59-60- 1st September 2022

Hello September!

On my work table today.

Ira has been reading these AtoZ Mysteries from her school library and am also reading them! Interesting mysteries and adventurous kids.

I got strict instructions on which one to read first.

She was unwell for a while and missed a few library hours and you can guess who was glad when she attended the library hour!

Am still reading some books I started in May! These short reads are a breath of fresh air.

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Book 61- Farah Bashir- Rumours of Spring- 24th September 2022


HE gifted this book to Ira and Me. Someday, we hope she reads many of the books that we have loved over the years. Few pages in, the eyes have been moist and the heart warm. It is that kind of a book. Perfect for the quiet holiday.

#MaddiReads #LoveReading #Book61 #LoveBooks #BooksIn2022 #CurrentRead #TravelTales #HolidayReads #DebutNovel #Memoir #GokarnaDiaries #OneNewAuthorEveryMonth #LoveSpeaks #Happiness

Book 62- Brighton Rock 5th October 2022


Began this book #ByTheRiverKali . A book written in 1938. The characters and their descriptions have such a cinematic feel.

#MaddiReads #LoveReading #Book62 #LoveBooks #BooksIn2022 #CurrentRead #TravelTales #HolidayReads #DandeliDiaries #OneNewAuthorEveryMonth #Happiness #KindleRead #LatePost #MurderMystery

Book 63-66 5th October 2022

After reading several books in the series, clearly Ruth Rose is my favourite. These books are almost 23 years old. Discovering children's books has been the highlight of the year . Just like discovering a 'marble benne biscuit'! I just made up that name

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #Book63 #Book64 #Book65 #Book66 #ManyNewAuthorsThisMonth #IraRecommendsMammaReads #ChildrensBook #SchoolLibrary #Pramadhs #Ira #Iraisms #IraAtEight #EffablesAtEight #Happiness #LatePost



Book 67 Khyrunnisa Vijaykumar- Chuckle Merry Spin – 7th October 2022


It has been a fabulous Friday. An enthused day of training in a city I adore and while the rains battered and my sneakers bore the brunt, I loved my conversations with the cab drivers ( cannot match VK's level of enthusiasm though), as I read this book today, a part of our #BookLoot this week, from our favourite books stores in Ooru.

I do not recall the last time I finished a book in less than a day! I read it in the cab, on the flight and during the waiting times. I chuckled, I smiled, I grinned and I even laughed out aloud!

I read this book and was left in wonderment at the manner in which it was a travelogue and a narrative on the warmth of human relationships; keen observations about the little moments in life conversations captured so matter of factly that you almost feel you were right there.

The wonderful cover page illustration piqued the mind for it to spin many more illustrations as I turned the pages.

There are some lines in the book that will stay with me forever. Lines that will serve as a reminder to how the world was meant to be and should continue to be.

Khyrunnisa Vijaykumar , looking forward to your next book already.

#LoveBooks #CurrentRead #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #MaddiReads #Book67 #TravelTales #WorkTravel #TravelReads #Humour #Travelogue #Love #Happiness #Gratitude

Book 68-70 J Krishnamurti- What does fear do to you? What is it to care? What does freedom mean?- 30th October 2022


The last few months have seen many questions and conversations with our Eight year old on understanding emotions, dealing with them, sharing your thoughts un-inhibitedly etc. There have been some more tough questions too. More of this in a blog post soon

Prashant H Pillai guided by a friend picked up these three books for Ira. We are all reading them, discussing them and understanding them, one conversation at a time.

Perfect company for the freshly brewed coffee.


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Book 71- Aruna Nambiar- The Weird Women’s Club- 5th November 2022


Hello November!

Beginning Birthday month reading a new author and a book that reiterates the power of #Sisterhood.

And yeah, 'He' makes that perfect cup of coffee. This coffee microlot is from a Women's Collective.

#LoveBooks #CurrentRead #LoveReading #BooksIn2022 #MaddiReads #Book71 #Friendship #Love #GirlFriends #BFF #OneNewAuthorEveryMonth #BookwormLoot

Book 72-76 -15th November 2022

The next set of Books that Ira brought home from school and I read

Some we read together, some by ourselves.

#Book72 #Book73 #Book74 #Book75 #Book76

#MaddiReads #LoveReading #LoveBooks #CurrentRead #BooksIn2022 #ManyNewAuthorsThisMonth #IraRecommendsMammaReads #ChildrensBook #SchoolLibrary #Pramadhs #Ira #Iraisms #IraAtEight #EffablesAtEight #Happiness


Book 77- Jahnavi Barua- Undertow-16th November 2022

I loved Rebirth by Jahnavi Barua. During our recent visit to Bookworm, picked this up

Am reading about Rukmini and cannot wait to uncover Loya's journey in the coming pages.

A perfect travel companion

Also, loving these little magnetic bookmarks from Crossword.

Did I forget to tell you? This is a signed copy

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #CurrentRead #WorkTravels #TravelRead #Book77 #BookwormLoot #TheInsiderTheOutsider #Dream


Book 78- Kavita Kane-Karna’s Wife-18th November 2022

Finished the book I carried while travelling and was wondering what next, when a dear friend just gave me this book that she is currently reading.

I have always been intrigued by stories based on Mythology or Epics, focused on women protagonists and the authors own interpretation on the character and the plot at play.

Uruvi is intriguing in the manner she talks about her desire for Karna as the novel starts. Weekend is set!

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #CurrentRead #WorkTravels #TravelRead #Book78 #DebutNovel #Mythology #SecondNewAuthorOfTheMonth #BorrowedBook #Love #Gratitude #BooksIn2022


Book 79- Toshikazu Kawaguchi- Before your memory Fades -29th November 2022

Hello from Gurgaon!

It is very cold and a beautiful morning. Perfect to catch up on some reading before I head to work.

When coffee and stories come together seamlessly and let you time travel. When I read the first book, it was magical. The second one just reinstated that a lot can happen over a cup of coffee. The third in the series explores human frailties, love and resilience in a whole new way.

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #CurrentRead #WorkTravels #TravelRead #Book79 #Love #BooksIn2022 #TranslatedWorks #ShortStories #LoveCoffee


Book 80- Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan- It’s time to Rhyme- 7th December 2022

I wrote my first poem when I was about 8 years old. My first audience were Baba and Ma and in the later years, Joy. Even today, poetry holds a special place in my heart. Picking up this book of poetry that Ira got a signed copy of last weekend.

Sharing the beautiful message from Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan.

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #CurrentRead #BengaluruMornings #Book80 #LovePoetry #BooksIn2022 #BookOfPoetry #ChildrensBook #BLF #LoveCoffee #OneNewAuthorEveryMonth


Book 81- Mitch Albom- The stranger in the Lifeboat- 24th December 2022


Picked up a book that comforts my heart. An author who always makes me wonder about the fragility of the human mind and the strength of the human heart. Perfect for the winter mornings, with my cup of coffee that He made<3

#MaddiReads #LoveBooks #LoveReading #CurrentRead #BengaluruMornings #Book81 #BooksIn2022 #FavouriteAuthors #KindleRead







Rima, you are deeply loved

                                                  Rima at Infinitea, Bengaluru Dearest Rima, I wish I wasn’t writing this letter to you. B...