Sunday, October 3, 2021

Baba found a new shopping partner

          Lunch at one of our fave places! 

I have always done my shopping with Baba since a child, into my teen years and even now. Every year, pujo shopping together has been a ritual. While last year, we missed this; this year Baba found a new shopping partner. 

All of 7 years old, super excited to try the clothes, overwhelmed with so many choices. Tried the clothes, posed for Dadu, Mamma took pics to share with Dida, all done in style. And end of the shopping expedition, wants to know where we are going for lunch! 

A microblog for posterity. Because it is these moments, these memories that we hold on to. 

Also, something sweet that Ira and Dadu love is what tied together the end of day! 

                     The day in a snippet

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

May the world be yours this day and everyday!

              Chocolate truffle and happiness! 

I bounce to the beat of my own drum

I’m a wow in a world full of ho-hum

I’m a wild young lady

But you know ‘sum?

I’d rather be at home with my own drum

Dearest Ira, 

This song from a movie we saw together recently quite sums up what you are. You have your own way to interpret the world, the conversations and play. 

You converse with adults as equals and know how free speech is a matter of responsibility and identity. You told me the other day that we all have different perspectives and all of them are fine. A simple thought while we were talking about friendships but then so difficult for adults to apply. 

You bring out the child in us and you help us be better parents. You are kind and empathetic, arty and wild, conversationalist and full of expressions. Every stone, twig and random things that you collect have a story of their own.

You want to be an artist, you love nature, food and travel with equal aplomb. You believe magic is cool and imaginations are boundaryless. You are messy, creative and particular about some small details at the same time. 

               Discovering the world with Papa

May you continue to nurture this part of yours, 

Your sense of Independence and autonomy

Your need to express and have your space

Your desire to just be what you want to be. 

Like you said, you want a tee that says, "Be what you want to be, do what you want to do and love who you want to love! "

Smiles, for every moment

May the world be yours this day and everyday! 

Happy Daughter's Day! 

Love, hugs and kisses always, 

Mamma or Mummum, like you sometimes choose to call me <3 

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

A for August & Alu Sandwich, S for September and Sweet Pancakes

Breakfast at Ira's Restaurant, August and September edition. 

                           Love on a plate! 

The idea of beginning this one Sunday a month breakfast by Ira was to make her understand the process of cooking and also let the foodie in her discover all that goes into every little dish we make. And also, we taking a little break from cooking! 

August was Alu Sandwich and September was ready pancakes using The Betty Crocker Pancake mix. 

Alu Sandwich was the more elaborate process with some customizations for Papa and Mamma (Read cheese and no cheese). While we used a ready pancake mix, Papa showed her how to do the flip and everything. After a few initial pancakes, she flipped them with ease while even munching on them. Cooking is serious business and the cook got hungry. 

The alu Sandwich bowl is plated by Mamma and the Pancake plate is plated by Ira. Do not miss the 'I love you!'. Best pancakes ever :) We had to ask her to go easy with the chocolate sauce. And she said, "It is pancakes Mamma, has to be sweet".

Wonder what she is thinking for October? Am curious. Are you? 

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Monday, August 30, 2021

My Narrative Is Mine to Build


Ira drew this for her art class. A tree with roots of her imagination. Quite sums up what I feel these days. 

You are not in my shoes

You don't know my struggles

You are not in my space

You don't know my woes

My battles are my own

My shackles are mine to break

My thoughts are mine to temper

My narrative is mine to build

Some moments are difficult to comprehend

Some fears are difficult to rationalise

Some hopes are difficult to foresee

Some roads are difficult to navigate

I find solace in the quiet

I find rhythm in the solitude

I find answers as I look within

I find kindness as I let go

No puzzle, just a state of mind

No destination, just a journey to find

No judgement, just be kind

No story, just time left behind

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Today I choose JOY

 A beautiful Tuesday. 

For posterity, this is a post I put up on FB today. 

For years, she called him Joi.

Her confidant, her friend, a big part of her little world. They fight like crazy, listen to similar music and are team mates when we all play a group board game! She will get annoyed with him but you utter a word against him and she will defend him like a rock.

She doesn't call him Uncle or Mama, just 'Joy'. Imagine the happiness when we found this tee at one of her fave stores. Of course, she had to wear it when she met him and take a pic.

Also, today she has been reading Chamber of Secrets since morning, constantly! She sent him this pic. Do note the book mark. She keeps it horizontal to remember the line where she is <3

And incidentally, both their names have a common meaning! :)

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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Happy 75th Independence Day! Conversations and art, the Pramadh way

India celebrates its 75th Independence Day today. 

                        Pramadhs Create Art

As we spoke of freedom and the importance of today, I asked Ira what does freedom mean to her? What does it mean for people to be free? 

Ira: What I think freedom or free means to be in my opinion means that a person, it could be a male or  a female or  a boy or  a girl wants to do whatever they feel like. 

Mamma: And what is it that they would like to do? 

Ira: Anything that makes them happy or is good for their country

Mamma: What would you like to do as  a free person? 

Ira: I would follow my dream and just be who I want to be and not let people push me around saying like you know,  you have to be this! 

Mamma: So, today is what? 

Ira: Independence Day

Mamma: What do you want to tell India? 

Ira: I want to tell India, "Happy Birthday India".

While Ira understands that we can love whoever we want, she is yet to comprehend the gender spectrum completely. But she is sure that everyone should have the freedom to do what they want. 

We three together worked on  a simple piece of art today. The hands (no political representation) here are an ode to the hands that grow our food, that feed us, that fought for the freedom, that works to keep us United, that strives to keep us safe; hands that teach us, hands that create, hands that write our stories and hands that hold our hands. Every hand tells a story, in all colours and hues. 

Our dear friend Dolly Koshy posted her thoughts today and it resonates with us completely. Here is what she says,  

"Indian at heart; global foodie

Independence Day Breakfast.

On this  independence day let's keep in mind that what we eat or who we love or what faith we follow or don't follow doesn't determine how much we love our country. 

Let's try to be independent from the shackles of our mind.

True freedom is to value not only our own independence, but also respect others’ choices. 

Let's have freedom from fear, violence and discrimination. Let's have freedom to question those in power and our elders.

#IndiaIndependenceDay #freedom "

So, also sharing our plates of happiness and gratitude today. Our way to share our love for our country. 

Sweet Potato Parathas with Mango pickle, Curd and Chutney Pudi

Rice, Masoor dal, Banana Stem fry, Salad, Roopchand Fish fry and Fish Curry

Like Ira says, Happy Birthday India! 

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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Dadu Baari and all things fun, the Ira way

Last month, Ira went and stayed at her Dadu's home for a weekend. 

It is her place of unlimited fun, pampering and do as you like moments. 

From showing off her new acquired acting skills, to telling them about her new school, drawing random things to teaching Joy how to play slime. Spending time lazing around and watching an animated movie with Joy. 

Fun with her Partner in Crime

Every meal has her favourite be the alu chochori (alu sabji with kalonji) with chapati, fish curry made by Dida or chicken curry made by Dadu. She declares that Dida makes the best alu chochori and Dadu makes the best chicken curry, just the way she likes it. 

Before she went, she even emailed Dadu and Joy to tell them how excited she was and sent an animated card made on Canva. 

The two days went in a jiffy and our girl was back home,  only to ask when is she going back again. 

Given the pandemic, even going to Dadu Baari has been a privilege and a blessing. 

Archiving every moment like this, because in life, memories are one of the best things we have. 

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

A letter from 2 best friends to our little girl, the Pramadh way


Dearest Ira, 

We are your parents 

We will always be your friend too

The friend with whom you can share

All the fun things

All the happy moments

All the crazy adventures

All the heartbreak tears

All the fears and apprehensions

All the dreams and aspirations

All the cool and boring things

All times mundane and magical

The friend who will

Be the wind beneath your wings

Walk by your side in the storms

Push you to strive harder

Hold you when you stumble

Be the Devils advocate and your strongest ally

Hug you whenever

Love you forever

We are your parents

We also will always be your friend

You will travel the world 

You will make many more friends

And in your parents, in 'Us', 

You will always find a friend. 

Happy Friendships Day! 

Lots of love, 

Papa and Mamma

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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Breakfast at Ira's Restaurant, the Ira way

The Pramadhs love food, love cooking and love experimenting. Since very young, Ira has been Papa's assistant while he cooks. She is all excited and set with her apron and has helped him make pakoras, chicken and even cookies and brownies. 

This first Sunday of July, was a first for us. Papa two days back said let us try something new. One Sunday a month Ira will plan, prepare and present the breakfast. The menu is her choice, we will help her source the materials. 

Ira felt a bit overwhelmed initially, saying how will she do it all alone. Then we told her that we would be there to guide and help her with critical (using gas for eg.) things. For the record, Ira has been taught to use the gas stove, under supervision. 

So, she decided that the menu would have bread, eggs, jam, butter, peanut butter, cheese slices and juice. She also asked our preference for the eggs, Papa said he will eat what she serves while Mamma said, boiled eggs :) 

So, post finishing her milk, she arranged all her ingredients and began making breakfast. She took help only to on the gas to place the saucepan in which she was boiling eggs. She decided boiled eggs is easier than making scrambled eggs even though she is a scrambled eggs fan. 

Mamma helped write the menu board! 

Papa got peanut butter and Jam sandwich with Orange juice; and his second one also had cheese slice, on special request. Mamma got buttered bread with boiled egg with sprinkled pepper and Ira had same as papa with Mixed fruit juice. 

Breakfast was had and she said, Phew! Thankfully, this is just one Sunday a month. She also immediately reported to Joy how making breakfast for everyone is terrifically terrifically terrifically hard. As I write this, she is resting her back after all the hard work! Happy Sunday, I say! 

Little learnings in little moments, as our little human beings discover the joy of Independence and agency. 

I am sure waiting for the Sunday in August to see what we have for breakfast, the Ira way. 

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Friday, June 25, 2021

What do you see?



When you see patterns in the clouds

When you see colour in the grey

When you see lifelines in the green leaves

When you see meaning in scrambled words

When you see stories on blank pages

When you see aspiration in day dreams

When you see sense in chaos

When you see hope in bleak moments

When you see perfection in the ordinary

When you see resilience in broken smiles

When you see memories in lonely eyes

When you see love in withered flowers

When you see life in the meandering paths

When you see beyond the obvious, you truly see. 

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

You taught me so much Papa!

               One of their favorite things to do! 

Being a father to a little girl is one of the hardest things to do. 

  • She looks up to you to solve all her big problems. 
  • She runs to you with the smallest bruise as you are her first aid officer. 
  • She wants to do pull ups and count you down too so you both are stronger together. 
  • She talks to you about food textures while you cook together and how she can feel that little extra spice.
  • She watches Uncle Rogers and Tipsy Bartender with you, asking a zillion curious questions. 
  • She wants you to keep showing those funny videos and fiasco adventure clips. 
  • She reads the newspaper headlines, discusses them with you and then wants to solve the jumbles too,emphatically pronouncing the words phonetically. 
  • When unwell, she clings to you and tells you it makes her feel better. 
  • She does her stretches like you have taught her and claims you are the best massage giver. 
  • She cringes her eyebrows like you and shrugs those little shoulders too to make a point at times. 
  • She likes to play subway surfers and monument valley and knows you will bring up her score and be her saviour. 
  • She likes to trek and nudged by you, wants to be the trail leader, packing that perfect trek bag. 
  • She says, "You taught me so much Papa!", when she beats you in a conversation and convinces you in an argument. 
  • She is fierce, independent and adventurous like you Papa. 

Being a father to a little girl is one of the hardest things to do. 

You are her hero and her partner in crime. 

You are parenting 24*7, because that is what being a Father is all about. 

Happy Father's Day Ira ke Papa! 

Also, this year, I was unable to meet Baba. So, a little glimpse of how Baba and Papa celebrated Father's Day, with a peanut butter chocolate cake and some dark chocolate and chicken pulao. 

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Baba found a new shopping partner

          Lunch at one of our fave places!  I have always done my shopping with Baba since a child, into my teen years and even now. Every y...