Monday, May 31, 2021

Discovering Self, Ira turns Seven

The Birthday Banner and Chocolate Milkshake

Our Little Human Being turned Seven a few days ago. Lockdown birthdays and planning it is a whole new work of art and excitement now at the Pramadhs! Little things to make the day special. 

She woke up by 5.55am, was all ready and set for the day! She wore a new tee and shorts which she said defined her. On the tee, there was a dolphin unicorn with head phones! She loves unicorns and dolphins and loves listening to music! Mamma and Papa did that happy invisible dance in their head. 

Ira began her birthday with cuddles, kisses and hugs, followed by Chocolate milkshake with lots of chocolate sauce. A day filled with wishes, messages and video calls. 

Ira loves puzzles and had to solve some puzzles like captains square, jumbles and arithmogon to discover her gifts. An electric brush, a Thea Stilton book and lots of stationary and craft items. Dadu gifted her a carrom board for her birthday and that is our new found love at home. We play a few games everyday. 

The Menu card, the Cup cakes and her new Visiting card. 

The Visiting card says- 7 year old and brave trekker, upcoming artist, podcaster too. Yaay! Talk about Self affirmations. 

When you have  a foodie at home, the menu has to be curated well too. We made a menu card with Warli art on it, something she is fascinated by and has learnt recently, and I learnt along with her. Fish curry and Pasta made it to the menu, along with 'gurer payesh' (Kheer with Jaggery). 

   Her Kolkata cousins were specifically informed about her love for fish head :) 

One of Ira's favorite people made chocolate cupcakes for her and we had ordered a Rainbow Cake from one of her favorite patisserie. The glint in her eyes on seeing the 7 layers was priceless! 

We rounded off the evening with an online game of pictionary, where she named her Avatar as Birthday Girl; and then a family movie, called Home! 

All of seven now, she declared that "This is the best birthday ever! ". BTW, she says that every year :) 

As I write this today, she is also recording her podcast, Episode 6 on her birthday week. Yes, one of her discoveries about herself this summer-  she enjoys podcasting! Her podcast is called, Iraisms, Let's Shine Together (! 

More on that and all her summer fun & learning in another blog. 

Happy Birthday to our Supergirl! May you continue to discover new little things about yourself, about the world and life! Love you to the moon and back <3 

               Rainbow Cake and Happiness

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