Monday, August 15, 2022

Independence and you, the Ira way

A little crafty endeavor to mark Independence Day (Idea courtesy: Deccan Herald) 

 Dearest Ira

Happy 75th Independence Day! 

As we celebrate this special day, read about the freedom struggles and be thankful for what we have, here are little thoughts on this big word, Independence

You assert your independence when you.... 

Share your thoughts with us, unfiltered

Eat what you want, with glee

Dream the path of your choice, unhindered

Choose the love of your life, with fierceness

Sing and dance in front of the mirror, uninhibited

Draw a rainbow hairstyle on the figurine, with pride

Speak what's on your mind, unabashedly

Walk away from the norm, with little heed

When you stand up for self and say 'No', unhesitatingly 

Read books, write stories, make random crafts, sleep, eat and repeat the same, with happiness

Fail, fall and learn to rise, unscathed

Be yourself and dance to your own tune, with courage

Be kind to self before others, unthinkably

Travel the world and be a part of it, with empathy

Wear your adventures on your lips, unlocked 

Be that little speck that will shine through, with gratitude

Question every injustice, unshackled

Stand up for what you deem is right, with fearlessness

Go, our little girl, assert your Independence every step of the way! 


Mamma and Papa 

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