Monday, November 6, 2023

BFC BFC BFC, the Pramadh way!


Ira ke Papa always comes up with new things to do with Ira. 

October marked another milestone moment, another first for Ira and Papa.

Papa took Ira to the Kanteerava Stadium to watch their first Football Match in the ISL.  BFC vs East Bengal. It was the first match for BFC at home ground.

While Mamma was at Mumbai on work, Ira during their morning video call said, Am busy today evening. You could call but I will be at the stadium.

Ever since they had booked the West Block A tickets, there was palpable excitement at home. Ira has begun to play football and school and is beginning to understand the game better. 

Post school, they headed early to the stadium. The Match was to begin at 8pm but they were there a few hours early. 

They soaked in the festive fervour, saw the team bus come in and Ira was super excited that one of the players even waved at her :) . Papa follows the West Block Fan page on Insta and was aware of the slogans. For Ira, this was a whole new experience. She was amused at some interesting words in the slogans. BFC won that evening. Ira showed mom the backflip kick by the footballer, J Hernandez that ensured the win.

They were also accompanied by a friend, who is a football player himself. Ira was thrilled that he won some coupons and gifts on showing some football moves at the Jockey arena. 

Post match, the two of them also went for dinner to a drive in place where they sat in the car and food was served on a plank. Our little girl is quite adventurous and loved the food experience. Also one of those rare times when she slept at 12am and Papa said it is ok to miss school the next day.

Mamma came home to listen to everything that transpired that day, with big grins and excited chatter.

Three weeks later, Mamma accompanied them for another BFC match and understood all the excitement and where it emanated from. It was an electrifying first experience for Mamma too. 

Ira is already gearing up for the next match with Papa! Post one of her football games during sports class at school, she also came home and spoke about the nutmeg move! That day, Papa and Mamma learnt something new :). 

So, to discovering new things and to new experiences with our little girl. 

BFC BFC BFC....forever!

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