It's a first!

I like words.....spoken and unspoken.
I like and written.
Is this first attempt at 'blogging' a resultant of my affinity for words or just a manifestation of my mind?
Is it my cathartic paradigm or introspective arena?
Is it just me...and my attempt at discovering myself?
Am i here to just ask questions or look for answers?
I am here to write....
Write when am ecstatic, write when am in the dumps, write when am thoughtful, write when am agitated, write in love, write in pain, write and write and write...
and's a first!


novice said…
I am so glad, i am a first too... first at posting a comment here!!
Welcome to the realm of words and it's magnificent ambience.
I look forward to your association with all that you see in this world and your perception and depiction of the same!
Words were always my best friend..but your words are what I am here for...
Dhanya said…
Welcome to this space and I'm sure this will be something special.. Hope to catch u here more often :)
Elitapromenade said…
boss tht is really grt..
P.S: can;t understand a cow abt it...pardon my education.
Me?? said…
he he he.. aao chhamiya!!

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