We all have dreams, we all like to enter unchartered territories, we all like to challenge our capabilities...we all like to carve a path...we like to go beyond reason and find rationality in our thoughts...but a perennial question remains....," Have I found my niche?"..

Have I found my niche?
In this world of uncertainty,
Of complex relations and insurmountable fabrications.

Have I found my niche?
In this incomparable web of comparisons,
Of emotions fluctuating like seasons.

Have I found my niche?
In this era of competition,
Of stark reality and hypocritical reasons.

Have I found my niche?
In this complex thought positions,
Of writer’s block and divergent creations.

Have I found my niche?
In this state of identity confusion,
Of individual bent of mind and association.

Have I found my niche?
In this unreasonable valley of expectations,
Of conditional strokes with due reasons.

Have I found my niche?
A question unanswerable,
A question like a two-edged sword,
A question can I afford?

Have I actually found my niche?
In this oxymoron of life.
Or will this remain my eternal strive?


Sumesh said…
" The Niche " has a brilliant theme, the thought progressive.. as its something that torments everybody at some point in life. And my personal feeling that one never really finds it.

But more of a play of words than anything..fails to actually get under the skin..The content does not let u connect except for few words that are scattered...

Nevertheless an impressive play with words, as that was probably what you intended to achieve. Madhu, keep up the great work. True, honest style that i see here is fantastic. Eagerly awaiting more.

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