An excerpt from my article , ‘Alumination 2007- Been there,done that!’..written in the Mar-Apr issue of FreeDoMS, rightly summing up the essence of DoMS and the spirit of the Celebration in my prior post…

Celebration means a winter evening, seminar hall, friends, rain, glasses of tea and a volume of statistics problems.
Celebration means 400 odd acres of land, late night cycle rides, and a few gymnastic acts.
Celebration means the aura of faculty hall, the place at Jamshed Ji’s footsteps, giggles and unprecedented confessions.
Celebration means home made sweets, sweet sour gossip, 4.30am, hostel room.
Celebration means midnight snacking, brain storming over chips and cup o noodles at gym café.
Celebration means 12 midnight, chocolate cake, birthday bumps at tea board.
Celebration means DoMS at IISc, celebration of life in the true sense!


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