What more can I celebrate?!

I want to celebrate….celebrate this day, celebrate these hours, moments and emotions! I don’t want to relive that moment because in its’ unitary existence, it has its’ charm and aura….i just want to celebrate its’ existence…

5th of June, 2006 was the day when I gave my Interview for admissions into Research at the Department of Management Studies, IISc. I was a tad bit nervous, did a lot of talking, smiled when I goofed and answered the statistical question by first writing it on paper!! 45-50 minutes of sitting across an esteemed panel and convincing them as to why research, I thought is my forte and why am passionate about it. Any deliberation on this would require another post…actually, many posts!

Today, exactly a year later I want to celebrate that moment…and many more this preceding year rewarded me with.

I want to celebrate the emotion I experience when I tell someone I am a Research Scholar at DoMS.

I want to celebrate the moments I spent with my ‘MBA’ friends: the birthday bashes, the parties, the dances, the unending late night ‘gupshup’ sessions, the gymkhana movies…they have seen me go thru the highs and the lows and been with me right thru. Oh my God!! Thank you!! For some of them, I am the feminist, liberated and ‘hatke’ researcher. I have definitely made some friends for life and a ‘bhai’!

I want to celebrate all those moments when my research friends made me feel pampered for being the youngest among them, celebrate their concern, care and immense love. Love u all!

I want to celebrate all those instances when I felt proud to be a part of the research team in the department. They tolerated all my loud giggles and noisy conversations, they were all there to guide us first years; patience and perseverance is what I learnt from them. The faculty here is not just esteemed but also very approachable…we can truly knock on their doors at any hour!!(They also burn the midnight oil, believe me!)

I want to celebrate all those sleepless nights I spent to do my MIS project using Visual Basic. (Ask my friends…they will tell you how technically challenged I am)

I want to celebrate all those combined study sessions that we did to combat the rigours of Statistics…I owe my ‘statistically significant results’ to my research colleagues’ perennial encouragement and guidance. Thank you!!

I want to celebrate all my learnings…the nuances of Behavioural Science, the specifics of Management Research Methodology, the histrionics of Human Resource Management, the tactics of Organizational Behaviour, the technicalities of Technology Management and the pursuit of Policy Making.

I want to celebrate the fact that I have an inspiring ‘Guide’, under whose guidance, am sure I will manage my knowledge and capabilities and carve my path significantly.

I want to celebrate all my firsts…and the ones that followed…my first event hosting- COSMAR 2006, Alumination 2007, Budget Discussion…; being a member of the first editorial board for Free DoMS(The Department newsletter); my first article in ‘Voices’( the IISc newsletter)….

I want to celebrate the air I breathe, the ‘charan’ of Jamshedji where I spent many a evenings and let the mornings dawn; the landscapes I see, the roads I travel, the mess I eat in..-C,food ranges from being lousy to decent and yes, even the hostel I live in..-‘kritika’, despite my eternal fear that it may collapse any day!!

I want to celebrate the fears, the apprehensions, the stress and the tears...

I want to celebrate the moment when one of my teachers became my colleague and I discovered a new facet to her…kudos to all those study, cribbing n laughing sessions!! Awaiting many more in the years to come!

I want to celebrate the ‘karmic konnection’ I found here!! A friend, a sister, a guide , a mentor…she adorns various roles….only wish we had discovered each other earlier, there is so much catching up to do!! This is ‘pure and natural'!

And finally, I want to celebrate the ‘Me’. I have changed in the last one year, have lived my dream like never before, have loved being me with my weirdness and clumsiness, ‘have found the reason to live and love’….What more can I celebrate?!


indumathi said…
hmmmmm......gr8 dear
its gorgeous to know you have pen down the life spent in I.I.Sc in celebration....right from the interview....till date...wow.
n ya...i would also want to say...i met my previous student...abt whom i had a dift opinion......but got to know a very different personality....also d fact tat...quite a few views and opinions being r common...n v celebrated those together..which i thoroughtly relished
thanks for being der for me in my touf times....n all those talks abt stat....n d late night assgnmnt we did together....n all those chat n talks together...it was too good
eagerly waiting for more of those sessions and laughters together

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