I am Independent!

I am Independent!
I Dare...

I dare to dream a dream,
I dare to speak my mind,
I dare to question my rights,
I dare to weep my heart out,
I dare to listen to criticisms,
I dare to love my 'psycho crap',
I dare to be Me!

I am Independent!
I Enjoy...

I enjoy my sporadic intelligence,
I enjoy reading even mindless words put together,
I enjoy being weird,
I enjoy my radical thoughts,
I enjoy a tub of chocolate and whipped cream,
I enjoy the roadside 'phuchkas',
I enjoy life for all it's worth!

I Dare,
I Enjoy,
Iam Independent!

I Love being in Love,
I am Independent!

I am Hopeful,
I am Optimistic,
I am Independent!

I understand my Independence,
I am Independent!


nivedita said…
Good....Women should learn to be INDEPENDENT!!!
Arun said…
Madhu, just a check to see if am missing out on something.

Through out the post, you say what you are and what you do right ? And the fact that you simply love them - so for me it looks better if you wind up the post saying - I love what i am, which is something your trying to tell :-)
Madhurima said…
Hey arun!!
well...when i began thinking what independence means to me...these are the things that came to mind... yeah! may have a narcissist feel, but isnt that what we all are...we love ourselves...
thanks for always making me think!

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