We speak, therefore we are!- Voices

We speak, therefore we are!...this thought sums up the essence of being a VOICEAN for me. It is a forum for people who have a passion for life, driven by just the zeal to be there. It is not about just journalistic aptitude or writing skills, it is about using all your senses...see, listen, think, realise...write. It is about knowing that we need to weigh each word we write because it has a multiplier effect, knowing that through our weekly meetings, we find the strength to believe that team work can work wonders...

We don't have to agree upon everything, the fact that we disagree assures us that we are thinking...each of us have our strengths...and VOICES definitely is one of the best things that happened to me at IISc.
Thank you Sujit, Vasanta, Sudhira and Shyam for making this a memorable experience for me...I treasure every moment of Voices and await every moment to come!!


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