Editorial June 2008

It is caramelized hope with little sugar, sprinkle of salt and garnishing of spice. It is like the wine you need to smell, swirl and taste. It is the little experiences we cherish that leave an indelible mark! Remember the walk in the first rain, the smell of roasted ‘bhuttas’, the dairy milk all melted and yet yummy, the little bird outside your room window, when you unexpectedly find money in your just washed jeans, the tangy aftertaste of pickle…
We in this issue of Voices celebrate our little moments, no guiding theme, just a matter close to our heart, a pot-pouri of articles all marked by personal experiences…it is a celebration of that thought.
We firstly congratulate the Students Council 2008 and wish them good luck for their tenure. May they have a successful year and their mantras of ‘student participation’ ensure beneficial changes.
The world swung to the strokes of IPL, discovered how mundane evenings become a matter of pride and glory, the underdogs emerged victorious in a display of fervent grit and determination! Spain took home the Euro Cup, wiping away a 44 year old tale of unrequited dream. IISc woke up to the beginning of Centenary Celebrations! We are all a part of this 100th year and so a part of unwritten history!
This issue begins with a look at our Contemporary Studies department from the perspective of a professor who has witnesses its’ unprecedented growth over the years. The world wants to go green and we also believe it is the colour to stay. Let us understand this through the words of poetry. We all crave for a sense of belongingness, want to find a foothold in this cacophony of diversity; some embrace this change while others steer clear. Let us see what this ‘mandal mania’ means? For all those times when you wondered why you should do something, we have a reflective article on this perennial question. We have always felt this way! An unexplainable emotion yet endows scrolls of literature; we dwell on this almighty emotion . If life is an eternal quest, what are we looking for? Happiness?? And how? Read on and smile at this simple happiness satisfaction equation. A little bit of humour brightens up all gloomy days and makes you feel good even on a sticky wicket. Let us see what Bhondoo has to say about his IPL experience.. Time flies by and how…we set foot in this new world and before we know it, we graduate…a heartfelt ode to this moment in the disguise of a verse!
May you reminisce your moments of celebration! May the remembrance last you forever. Celebrar este momento! Celebran sus voces!


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