We have always felt this way!- June 2008

Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed in this article have been universally experienced and propagated. I claim no originality. Any reference to any person, situation or emotion is completely intentional!! I do not claim to induce intellectual thought process but hope that u read this and smile.

There is a single emotion in life that transgresses all boundaries made by mankind and nature. It is simple, yet complicated. It is a source of solace and still gives us sleepless nights. It is our greatest need and yet understated at times! It is the cornerstone of our dreams, our relationships, and our existence and yet it gives the edginess of uncertainty to life. It is therapeutic in a manner unexplainable.

Just look at these phrases, Haven't we heard/read/seen them before…
Nobody loves me
I love my Daddy
Mommy knows best
I am my teachers’ pet
I only wish he would look at me once
Her love makes my world turn around
My grand parents make me believe love is lifelong
I am in love with life!

Advertisements/novels/songs thrive on this emotional need…
The Bru coffee advertisement
The Cadbury Dairy milk advertisement
Erich Segals’ Love Story
Michelle Alboms’ Tuesdays with Morrie
Dil kya kare jab…
Pehla nasha…

So, what do the Psychologists have to say?

Sigmund Freud,Psychoanalyst in explaining the Developmental stages, says that in the Fourth stage of Development- i.e Genital stage, age 12-20years
– ‘The adolescent begins to love others for altruistic motives and not simply for selfish or narcissistic reasons.’

Erich Fromm,Social Psychologist, gives it a A Character type description-
– Necrophilous- Attracted to death
– Biophilous- In love with life

Erik Erikson, Contemporary Psychoanalyst, again in his Stage Theory- describes that in Young adulthood, our Basic Strength is Love and in the case of its non- fulfillment, we experience a Psychosocial crisis of Isolation,

Abraham Maslow, Motivational Theorist also considers it in his paradigm of Hierarchy of Needs.

Carl Roger, a Person Centered Theorist focusing on the Phenomenological aspect- experience of the person, feelings and values. He highlights the importance of Empathy and unconditional positive regard in our lives.

However, the need can go wary, like it did with the Greek God, who said “I see I see I”. He is Narcissus!

So, all our Readers and our to-be readers! Reflect on this emotion! Love yourself, love life, love what you do, love your dreams and Love your ‘Voices’! Amen!!


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