Bless my soul! My life is a simple story!

"I will not give them any glory,
when they do not deserve it."
Says a bespectacled researcher
with anger and fury.
Years of work, beads of sweat,
toiling hard, success he met!
At the top of the ladder stands he today.
Looks down upon us mortals,
We sadly have nothing to say.
Does success wear blinkers?
accolades lose their sight in shimmer?
Degrees gathered, but humility lost.
In this competitive world, we pay this cost.
Do i want to be where he is today?
Learn to be learned.
Yet unlearn to be modest.
I thought i want to be the best.
A subjective parameter leaves my mind unrest.
I want to be at peace with myself.
Live my life uncomplicated...
Why judge who deserves what glory?
Bless my soul! My life is a simple story!


Tin said…
a few simple words that describe the wisdom of a lifetime.

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