Centenary Bulletin Editorial- 15th Dec 2008

The Third Bulletin

The focus of the verbal journeys were ‘the need of the
Energy, Education, Poverty, IT, World, COSMOS
Were the themes that ruled all sessions in power.
Cutting edge research and knowledge the interdisciplinary
They say is the future in sunshine and hay!
They say it was a party like never seen before,
The ‘shamiana’ saw the IISc community and witnessed
the colorful folklore.
We travelled the Deccans, the mustard fi elds, the Western
Ghats and the banks of Hooghly!
The gourmet marathon was as sumptuous as a platter of
dreams in curry.
The kulfi , jalebi, rasmalai and jamun made it a sweet
little story.
On that note of sugar and honey,
We bring you Bulletin Three that is all thoughtful and


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