Dainty little feet tracing the line through the house,
The walls become the canvas, imaginations run wild.

Teacher- teacher is the favorite game,
Fantasy students, anyone you name.

There is the special corner for the world to be stacked,
The red doll...
The red car...
The steel, plastic and aluminium kitchen ware,
The natraj pencils , ends bitten in exasperation.
Erasers with faces on them,the more scented-the better:)
Pencil boxes with the hologram gleam.
Reams of paper with little stories written.

A world where dreaming was a reality,
Concerns were teeny-weenie
Jam or butter on bread?
Milk with bournvita or complan?
Hide and seek or galli cricket?

Ma knew best
and Baba was the bestest!

Big fat tears when milk had to be drunk,
Sweet little smiles when given the chocolates' biggest chunk.
Small fears of teacher scolding,
Bitter sour feelings when favorite things losting.
Dictation was a everyday revision,
Most liked was Maths division.

Tom and Jerry was favorite cartoon,
Stars gave light but more shiny was the moon.
'Begun bhaja' was never to be missed,
'Alu bhate' was the healthiest, she would insist,
Ma made maggi like no one else did,
Baba made 'mangsho', finger licking good!

The little girl did grow up,
Holding the bundle in blue,
He was so cute and roly poly,
"Ma!! Bhai has such small everything!"
Said she without a blink.
Dropped him she did when he was just a few weeks old,
Together they were a pretty picture to unfold.

It was his first day at school,
She kept looking back at him and drooled,
She missed a step too many,
Fell down the stairs in perfect harmony,
She walked into school holding his hand,
To show him this new world which for her was a known land.

The feet are still dainty but now stepping on the lines already made,
The world is now her canvas; words are written every moment she tread.

Key to unlock the vernacular words::
* Begun Bhaja- Eggplant/Brinjal deep fried
* Alu Bhate- Mashed potato with mustard oil/butter and green chillies
* Mangsho- Chicken/Mutton curry

Some times, no title seems befitting and this is one such moment when i can't find the words...
Also, there is a time to stop some narrations, though we may have a lot more to say...


Divya said…
Maddy, this makes me want to cry.....natraj pencil, Tom and jerry........:-(((((((((((((((((((((( OHHHHH those were the days........
amazin di!
see, indeed me ur bro!!!
hehehe!!! :)
Pritesh said…
Wow! Lovely one Madhurima! Totally nostalgic is how I feel......
Madhurima said…
@Maneesh: Hmmmmm....That is some brevity

@Divya: I kno dear...gosh!! we kno eachother for over a decade... i kno exactly how u feeling..

@Dheeman: Thanks Bhai! See, we should seriously think abt the 'poetry in family' book by u, me and P:)

@Pritesh: Thank u!! Coming from you, someone who herself is so good with words, i shall graciously smile and say nothing more...
Ujwal said…
I honestly have no words to describe how beautifully written it is...from the heart gurl:)
Blue Lily said…
Hearwarming and I also think I know how that came about :)

Looking back... at the life once lived...
It's life's little joys that needs to be cherished...
Troubles only make these joys that much more special...
So bring them on, I say, that way chances are happiness is fast going to double and treble :)

Keep smiling... I like you that way :)
vindy said…
lovely! beautiful expressions through the words :) and yes, as you said it's small and sweet :)

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