The Lesson In More!

The more you write,
the more you realise
how much more
there is to write.
The more you read,
the more you realise
how little you know
and how much more
there is to know!
This lesson in more
at times defies brevity,
It questions the perennial
question,"is it enough"?
Ah! but how can it be?
The more you work
The more you know
How much this work means
How little this more was before
You remember the long strolls
Neverending Tea Breaks
Was it more that led me here?
Time? there is more?
Papers! there is more!
Thoughts! there are more!!
Now, get back to work!
Compre is the Lesson in more!
Only if i knew this equation,
For one more you repay in 'more'.
I dont regret the earlier mores
Trying to like these new mores!
Habit takes time...
Compre report writing is in store...
Bring on more, some more!


maneesh said…
Hmmm... I recognize the signs...

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