The Date is 1st april!! Am not kidding:)

I have a date...
Been waiting for this date...
Going solo- no date allowed...
Eating dates to keep the energy high...
Marking dates for study days gone by!
Data for this date
Report for this date
PPT for this date
Memorise for this date
Oh! What a date!

What's in a date?
Why this date?
How this date?
When on this date?
Questions on a dart about this date!
April 1st is the date!
Compre exam on this date!


maneesh said…
good good!! all the best!!

ironically, this is the best possible date as you will shortly realize. atleast you'll be in a prepared state of mind!!

ok, as a compre-passed SRF, it is my holy duty to spook out every prospective compre-giver so having done my duty, i now retire...


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